Wednesday session (25/9/2002)

Last nights session turned into a bit of a burn up with some intervals over a route that I estimate to be between 1100 and 1200 metres. So did 4 times at an average pace of 4:30 (qucikest of 4:25). Long intervals are really hard!

Today: Either no running or easy 30 minutes
Why: May have to socilaise (agghh!) which involves missing training
Last hard day: Yesterday
Last rest: Friday


  • What : 5miles interval training and then eliptical trainer in gym before work - 1/2 hour in gym at lunch time
    Why : Felt like it
    Last hard day : Sunday
    Last rest day: yesterday
  • Morning all,

    Forgot to congratulate you on your 10K PB the other day Martin, well done.

    What: 6 mile tempo run (warm-up, 4-5 miles @ 1/2m pace, warm down).
    Why: trying to develop a better sense of pace, just in time for the GNR!
    Last hard: Sun
    Last rest: Mon
  • Good morning, everyone! I had the most gorgeous run yesterday - 8+ miles (not sure exactly as I haven't measured the route), felt like I was running rather than jogging all the way, still merrily fartlekking up the final, steepest undulation. It wasn't much faster than 10 minute miles in the end, but that still puts me on the exponential improvement curve.

    Today: No running. Bodypump tonight.
    Why: Wednesday is weightlifting day.
    Last hard day: Yesterday.
    Last rest day: Friday.

    Getting quite relaxed about the GNR now, especially since my sister told me that she did her only 13-mile training run in exactly the same time as I did mine (2:20), but whereas I felt fine afterwards, if glad to stop running, she was off her legs for the rest of the day. I'll be so happy if we can run together.
  • Wasn't last night a great night for a run beautiful evening, club run last night 6/7 miles, I was knackered at the end, but enjoyed it just the same, hills as well.
    Might try a lunchtime swim today.
  • Morning all

    Last nights club run turned out to be a very hilly 6-7mile affair – but felt good afterwards even though I’m a bit sore this morning

    WW I agree a marvellous night for running

    What : Not Sure – Swim(intervals)? – Gym? Or Both
    Why : Slept in this morning and missed my swim and lunch time was supposed to be Gym – It’ll depend on today’s work load

    Last Hard Day: Yesterday
    Last Rest Day : Saturday

  • What - yesterdays 4m
    why - felt lethargic yesterday - blamed my shins but really down to my brain!
    last hard - Thursday
    last rest - yesterday
  • what -rest
    why - excuse to call it tapering
    last hard - sat
    last rest - Mon

    avoid the sprints at club night like the plague yesterday - no ill effects today. Coach confirmed use of different muscles when sprinting.
  • What: 9 miles easy
    Why: Mid week longish run
    Last hard run: Yesterday
    Last rest day: Sunday

    Ran twice a day for the last two days so in need of an easier day. Can notice the difference in the evening runs though when I have been out in the morning.

  • What: 3 miles easy
    Why: Tapering for marathon on Sunday

    I did my 2.1 mile "time trial" circuit last night. I didn't plan it to be timed particulary and just ran to loosen off my legs. Took 15 seconds off my previous best, but the best thing was, it felt SO easy. I've never run it so comfortably, and even the hill at the end just didn't feel hard at all. I had probably sweated more cutting the grass before I went out.

    Tonight is definitley just a jog.
  • What: 21 mile midweek bike
    Why: Why not?
    Last hard run: Yesterday
    Last rest day: Monday.

    Last nights club run will probably be the last one on that route for this year, it's getting too dark to see the path! We switched over from doing 6 shorter efforts, during the fartlek to 3 longish (~1.25 - 1.5 mile) ones. I agree Martin, long efforts are hard!

    Also was 'informed' last night that I'm in the club 'C' team for Saturday, so looks like I'll running the anchor leg at the Midland 6 Stage Road Relay at Sutton Park, hmmm...
  • Still feeling a bit dodgy but ;
    What - hour steady run (hopefully)
    Why - haven't run for over an hour for a week,and Windsor on Sunday.
  • Thanks for the warning, MM. I was going to try to round up a couple of local Forumites for a trial run-together in Sutton Park on Sunday. Maybe not such a good idea after all!

  • drewdrew ✭✭✭
    What: 6.5 mile steady run
    Why: Would normally do nearer 9 miles but doing less this week because of Windsor
    Last hard day: yesterday
    Last rest day: Saturday
  • Someone tell me that they also do 75% of their training at 6.15am ? is this 'normal' forumite behaviour - please tell me i'm not alone, because i'm starting to get some strange looks from the locals !
  • Gareth - I do most of my training at 6am as it's a great way to start the day - and I'm sure we're not alone!!
  • Hey Marmite Master - see you at Sutton park for the relays. I'm running leg 3 on the 'A' Team and leg 4 on the 'B' team. Add on a lap to look at the route beforehand and it will do as a long run for the weekend!

    Went to the gym this morning for a natter with the hump and grunt blokes, and to do some weights myself and pose around in the short shorts!!!

  • Gillian. thanks - I feel normal again. I'll go and set my alarm clock again for tommorrow. I think i'll keep a copy of your message to prove to everyone that i'm definately not sad and alone.
  • Dangly Spice,
    who are you running with? I'm with Notts AC, gold and green vest. Maybe I'll see you there, best of luck.
  • Gareth/Gillian

    I have my alarm permanently set for 6:30 to get up and go for a run. Every morning I get up at 7:30 and say "tomorrow....."

    How do you do it? Are you "morning" people? Can you not run at night or do you just prefer mornings? I need some incentive here.
  • Nessie,
    I'm quite a morning person - once I wake up which is usually about 5:30 that's me - also I find that I feel more energetic during the day if I've exercised before work rather than afterwards.
    I've also read somewhere (don't quote me but) apparently if you exercise first thing you raise your metabolic rate for 6 - 8 hours whereas if you only exercise in the evening you only get the benefit of the raised rate for a few hours before you go to bed - I don't know if it's true but it does help me get out the front door at 6am on cold mornings - and there are a lot of them in Aberdeen!!!
    Oh by the way good luck in the Loch ness marathon!!
  • Nessie. Same as Gillian, although it's taken a bit of getting used to. But i've been doing it for about 5 months now and it doesn't seem to bad. I find it the best time of day, as by the time i get back from work the evenings dragging on. I normally manage 3 mornings a week, with a longer run at the weekend and an evening gym session. It seems ok, although the winter months might be a little more testing. I'm already having to look at new training runs as it is now nearly to dark to run some of my tried and tested country lane / track routes.

    Give it a go. In a few months you'll even be doing some good long interval sessions at 6.30am. !
  • Thanks, both of you.

    Once I get the marathon out of the way (and have a couple of weeks recovery) I WILL give it a try, honest. It is marginally warmer in Inverness than in Aberdeen, so I can't use that as an excuse.
  • Not a morning person till i've had a dose of the "eine's".

    last night took my partner out for a run walk 2.5 miles then cross trained for half an hour
  • I shall, with genuine regret, pass on the morning sessions too. I'm not a morning person (especially by the end of the week) and can't even think about running until I've been up and about for a couple of hours - poor old joints haven't got it in them.
  • What: Nothing today
    Why: Trained yesterday and still at work, dammit.

    Last hard day: Yesterday
    Last rest day: Monday
  • am 2.5 miles easy down to cash machine
    pm 7 miles in 43 mins with training partner

    last hard day - Saturday (Yorkshire Men's Relay Championships)
    last rest day - 19th October 2001
  • I like doing my long runs (weekends) early in the morning.When I was working I had to get up around 4.45-5.15 anyway so early starts don't worry me.Now I get up,have a banana,muesli bar and drink, warm up and 30 minutes later I'm out.2 hours later its 8am and the kids are just getting up leaving the whole day free.
    Sometimes do it early in the week if I've got a busy day.Don't mind running in the evening or late mornings , but HATE afternoons, hence the fear at Windsor (1pm k.o.)

    Strange 'cos I used to play football every saturday afternoon.
  • what: tempo run (at least that was the intention) - 4.1 miles in 25:50
    why: despite still not feeling totally recovered from Sunday, felt I needed to do something a bit livelier in advance of next Sunday's 5K

    last hard day: Sun
    last rest day: Sat
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