Do we have any stationery printers in our midst?

I have a print job that needs running in time for the PSOF Championship at Outlaw on 1 July.  I have the template on Word and I have the paper.

The problem is my home printer is a three-colour cartridge.  I have run 10 sheets off and that wiped out the yellow, but I still have a full magenta and cyan.  It is therefore not cost effective for these to be run domestically.

I have tried the work printer but I get error messages and it's not my system to mess around with.

I have asked three local printers and they want to charge between £30 and £40 plus VAT to run off approx 90 sheets.  I am not prepared to pay this as I am providing all materials and PSOF doesn't really have a budget

So I am wondering if anyone could do the Pirate Massive a huge favour and run the print job for me (assuming it's not onna cost them the same amounts I have been quoted)

It would be really great if someone could help me out on this.

Many thanks 




  • Schmunks, try your local college, they normally have a reprographics dept and are very keen for business and offer good prices.

  • Mr PuffyMr Puffy ✭✭✭

    If good quality photocopying is acceptable I will do it for you at work and post them at no cost to you or your chums.

    I do rather owe you one stillimage.

  • I'm not a stationary printer, but i am the IT manager

    Anything you want printed send my way and get it done for you


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