Swimming caps

First open water swim on the 23rd in the River Arun - I have a wet suit, now I need a swim cap - but do you recommend neoprene or normal rubber/silicone. I think I also need some rubber swim socks - again, any recommendations?





  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭

    first thing - check if the organisers are supplying swim caps and whether they will allow swim socks (it's banned in triathlon and many OW swim events follow the same rules)

    if they don't supply swim caps, neoprene caps are usually fine but are quite expensive for a one-off swim - 2 latex swim caps work out cheaper and will keep the nut warm

    if you are allowed socks, then a few companies sell them - my missus has a pair of Blue Seventy ones designed for swimming.  I use a pair of thin neoprene surf socks picked up at a local beach store - the kind that sell rubber rings, fishing nets etc.


  • Why do you think you will need socks.....i know its personnal choice but i have never worn them and the water getting warmer.

  • Thanks FB. FF,I don't know. As it's tidal, might be cold especially over 3.8k.

    Neon swim cap it is then!
  • Swim cap is provided and its under BTF rules - so no socks allowed then ?

  • Socks fill up & drag. Neoprene cap is genius kit. I love mine.

  • Cheers Cougie - you just saved me a fiver. I owe you a beer (if you can find me - image)

  • <begins hunt of Snap! with a vengeance>

  • I've done the Arun swim.  You won't get cold.  In fact I got far too hot and nearly passed out from heat exhaustion!

    The only reason I wear shoes is if I am swimming in water that I don't know very well and have concerns about what I might stand in when getting in and out.  At the Arun you are walking in and out on slipways so there is no worries on that front.

    You should be ok with one normal swim hat, but if you are concerned then there is no harm in wearing two.

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