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I saw this film at the cinema today. I knew nothing much about the plot, or read any reviews, so went in pretty open minded. I have to admit, it didnt quite work for me. It succeeded neither as a horror, or a sci-fi, and the plot was a bit of a mess. It had some good bits to it, and Michael Fassbender, who is an amazing actor, was the best thing in it.

Just wasnt quite the film i was hoping for, but Ridley Scott, has never really made a bad film, so like i say, it wasnt all bad, but like the ship they go to investgate, i was left feeling a bit hollow.


  • There is an article in The Guardian this week; Prometheus-10 keys questions-why it didn't make sense.

    Like-why did they go into space in the first place without knowing what they will find?

    Why would you try to touch or put your face near a black ugly alien as if it was some sort of cute puppy.

    Why did the Fassbender character put a black blob in someone's tea. A bit vindictive for a robot!!
  • For me the major flaw was the plot. Hard to follow and didn't make any sense. And there was no suspense as you didn't care about the characters enough whether they lived or died.

    And even in the 21st century I'm sure you won't be able to run around fighting 60 seconds after an emergency caesarian(not a word I spell often)

    Best actors for me were Fassbender(who reminded me of a "man who fell to earth" Bowie) and Sean Harris who is a genius for constantly reinventing himself in different roles.
  • Sussex Runner (NLR) wrote (see)
    Why would you try to touch or put your face near a black ugly alien as if it was some sort of cute puppy.

    Ahhh you see. That's the sort of thing I would do. I talk to random cats I come across, cows, big scary dogs etc etc

  • all that way to speak to their creator and then Fassbender says something (translation anyone?) and gets his head ripped off and everyone else gets thumped too. doesnt look like the late 21st century underwear has moved on much.

  • Yep, I was a bit confused by the liquid in the champers bit too.  And some of the dialogue was ridiculously clunky.  But all will become a bit clearer with the directors cut in a couple of years time.  It's the Ridley Scott way.

  • My OH is a big Alien fan so we went a couple of weeks ago. It was ok but if the film had broken down half way and we had had to go back anither ay to see the end ... I wouldn't have gone back, it just didn't grab me at all, I didn't care what happened to them. OH enjoyed it more than me, but nit up there with Alien.
  • To be fair I just sat and watched Michael and Idris and was perfectly shallow am I!


    (Michael Fassbender looks very like  my husband - it always makes me smile to see him in a movie)

  • I thought it was great!!

    I particularly enjoyed the scenes where the Fassbender character was trying to make himself more human by copying dialogue from Peter O'Toole in Lawrence of Arabia.

    Always been a big fan of Ridley Scotts' original Alien film and of Bladerunner, which I also seem to recall everyone hated when it was first released and is now considered a sci-fi cult classic!!

    Lots of themes in Prometheus which are continuations of ideas from Scotts earlier films. Fabulous image.

  • i loved it too - but I am easily pleased when it comes to sci-fi.image

  • OMG I have smiley's on Chrome - when did that happen?

  • I saw it, didn't really like it - agree that Fassbender was the best thing in it!

    I thought him putting the blob into the champagne was an attempt to make the male biologist "do whatever he had to do" to find the answers they were looking for, as they'd been having a conversation like that just before.

    I didn't understand why, if Charlize Theron's character just wanted her dad to pop his clogs so she could take over the company, she bothered taking the whole mission to start with. Surely she could have said "yes dad, I'll biofreeze you until we find our creators" and then just pulled the plug on him? Unless the Fassbender-robot was programmed to protect him by any means necessary including harming Charlize.

    My boyf thinks this will be the first in a pre-Alien triology - I really hope the next ones are a bit better as I'll no doubt be dragged along to see them!

  • Tiger - yes, a lot of the same themes of Bladrunner, Alien and even more recent films like Gladiator; what is life, what is it worth etc.

    Heard an inteview with RS and he said he thinks there is another two before we get to Alien so Xine, your BF will be very happy.

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