Just Started Running.. Need Tips To Improve

Hi everyone, quite enjoying this whole running thing now. I started 2 weeks a go, the main reason I started was to lose a few pounds (I'm not over weight but I could do with losing a few) and get fit basically because I was really really unfit and so far I've enjoyed it. At the moment I'm only going 1.66 miles, I know it isn't much at all to nearly all of you but to me at the moment it's quite good, me and my mate are now stopping at the mile mark for about a minute then going again for a bit. Every time we run we are pushing ourselves to go a bit further, we have ran 6 times now and each time we are going about .3 of a mile further, is pushing yourself to go further each time the right thing to do? I'm off for a run tomorrow and I'll be aiming to do just under 2 mile or maybe hit the 2 mile mark. I go running three times a week.

Basically I've set myself a target, I want to be running about 3.5 mile by the end of July, you lot are the experts, can you give any tips on how to improve and last longer? 

Thanks for any help! Cheers.




  • hi george take it easy at first to get the leg's use to it, you dont want injury nice and easy your soon want to go a bit more and faster, all in good time, and so many runner hear to help, it's a great game your get so much out of it, just stick with it mate.


  • George

    well done, main tip is to enjoy it,

    slow and steady, Dont go flat out every time.

    Vary where you run so you dont get bored, i have learned much more adout the area around my house since i started running.

    Try entering a race, even if you are slow (and i should know) they are great. If you dont want anything formal you could try a parkrun if there is one near you..

    Keep a record of what you do so you can look at it and feel good

    Make sure your shoes are right.

    If you have any queries ask on the forums

    I am sure others will come up with others but these are what worked for me

    Cheers easy


  • Make sure you don't run too fast, as it makes it harder to go further.  Take a short walk break every half mile until you can do the run without discomfort.  I still use this tactic on my build up to a marathon (I walk the steep hills).  Vary the length of your runs and don't make all of them longer each week.  You're on the right track with 3 runs per week.  Your target is realistic.

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