Fairy Freckled Cow trail race, 1st July


I've been lurking on the forums for a while - made a couple of posts recently and received a very welcoming response. image

I'm soon to reach a Certain Age, and have started running (again - I've lost count of the numbers of starts and lapses and restarts over the decades). I've discovered a wholly unexpected, and very welcome, like of early morning running, which certainly helps to maintain consistency and motivation. It's a great feeling to run early, feel strong, and not have to think about fitting a run in after work, when food usually takes priority! image

Anyway, after the Port Sunlight 10k and the Mersey Tunnel 10k, I'm doing the Fairy Freckled Cow trail race in mid-Wales. Has anyone here done this race previously? I think the race description of wonderful views over the moors is really code for "at least one stonking great hill" - am I right?

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