Born to Run Ultra (40 Miles)

Looking at doing this next year as my first ultra, how undulating is the course? and any tips on training etc for it.


  • thinking about doing this as well as my first ultra bit concerned about the weather in feb as well

  • I can put up with most weather, just don't like snow or ice. Think i might just bite the bullet and enter image

  • got to check on a few things first i e got to see if i  can get the day off work  and a couple of other things

  • I did this as my first Ultra this year, the course was along coastal roads on the Llanelli waterfront for the first maybe 12 miles then an uphill section to around 17, the turnaround was at 21 miles then back to the coastal route. Support was really good with bag drops etc, and bike Marshalls, the course was very well marked. The uphill turns into a very welcome downhill from about 23 - 30,  I'd recommend it, I signed up again as soon as I possibly could despite the extra three miles and the 300 mile trip

  • loulabellloulabell ✭✭✭

    eg i will hopefully see you there next year, would like to do thi one after gloucester 50k in jan. 

  • Good, I will be doing Liverbird this year in Dec/Jan hopefully the double and then will do Gloucester in late Jan - enjoyed that one last year, and if there's a 50k I might be tempted

  • loulabellloulabell ✭✭✭

    yes i liked gloucester ,couldnt have managed 50k this first time but will be ok next time. just got t make sure can d it in under 5hours! thats my jan and feb sorted for next year

  • I'm not thinking about times at all this year, just concentrating on staying injury free and getting around, 50k would take me 5:20ish right now
  • thanks EG, have gone and entered. Will probably be back for advice on food other than gels!

  • Thanks for selling the race EG, will be even better next year, shame I have to do it in February but am going to be busy in March image


    Just entered image

  • Hi Matt looking forward to it, have a couple more under the belt so far this year, and after March I will avoid the 4 hour drive home after the run, and maybe stay a second night next time, did the Wall last week and enjoying the longer challenge now, here's to staying injury free

  • Hi Shades, you will get an email as soons as your entry is confirmed. Who did you book through?

    EG definitely stay around for the post race high jinks image I would try to get in the travel inn rather than Miramar though....


    mattoo - I booked through madeyarun.

    Your RW online entry has unaffiliated entries cheaper than affiliated entries, which I found confusing (I'm easily confused)image so I used the link from your website.

  • Oh dear how did that happen image


    I thought you were perhaps making a stand against UKAimage

  • Yes that is right Shades, in memory of John Tarrant image


    Well I'll support you on that subject

  • image You should have an email...

  • Have changed prices now image


    mattoo - thank you, I have your emailimage

  • gone and entered it

  • Welcome aboard Swansea Imp image

  • will prob be asking for some advice


  • Ask away image

  • So i've been away from home for a week, been out doing some running to help with the boredom, the legs feel good, breath all good, so thought lets sign up to a couple of races, no booked on a 5k, a marathon in November and now an ultra in Feb, could an adminastrator ban me now before i sign up for an ironman!
  • swansea 10 k in 2 weeks and a 20 miles planned in jan  got to decide which trainers to wear for the born to run plus food etc

  • Wow. I've just entered.

    Re-assured to see that there are a few of you that (Like me) are looking for it to be the first Ultra.

    Not sure whether to be excited or scared now......

  • No need to be scared, just keep moving forward
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