Born to Run Ultra (40 Miles)



  • I did this as my first ultra last year, was pleasantly surprised at how I managed the last few miles beyond marathon distance, and there's a nice downhill to help you, at around 27 miles, support was good from the many marshalls on the day and I'll be doing it again

  • done a good few marathons but my first ultra so any tips would be helpful i e what trainers to wear what food on the run think i know a lot of the course having done the marathon etc there

  • I done the wall run in 2 days 32 first day 37 the next just start of slow and enjoy plenty of carbs and drink I loved jam sandwichs on the run.get plenty of miles in legs.try reading a guide to running ultramarathons by bryon Powell top book.
  • hope the weathers better then it was today for the swansea10 k

  • Ekgo, Good posts, like the one from page 1 and looking forward to the downhill bit now image

    Cheers also John M, definitely one mantra to remember image

    Must admit, haven't done a "race" over a 1/2 marathon distance before now and the last 1/2 was in 2008, mind you I'm now up to 20 miles distance as of last weekend so the training going ok so far.

    Anyone else run Barefoot or in Vibrams just out of interest?

  • hi blakester just ordered bryon powells book    training was going well picking up the  miles but collapsed and blacked sunday morning and was rushed to hospital out now got a water infection just hope it does not hold me back too much but off work and cant run at the moment eljay never ran in vibrams   iknow people who have they said they take a while to get used to but evey one differant still cant decide what trainers i am going to wear i have trouble getting some as  being a male  wearing size 5

  • Hope you fill better and get back out on the trails you must be gutted don't worry I was out for 5 weeks with shoulder injuries playing cricket but got back on it . Enjoy book its my running bible enjoy
  • thanks blakester book came with the post today also found a book i had in the early 90s training for ultras from the road runners club  looks like i will not get out the door this week but hopefully wont have lost too much did have a 25 mile planned for last sunday can start reading bryon powells book now

  • Hope you like it .. Have you got any information on the Newport marathon only a few weeks away think its of road I know diabetes uk have taken over...
  • sorry blakester  got no information   on the newport marathon    even though they have taken over i wonder if it will take place  this year no adverts or imformation anywhere

  • looks like i will be able to run again tomorrow or sunday that will have been two weeks training i have missed  hopfully should not lost too much fitness

  • How did you get on Swansea imp ? ? Take it easy build back up. Thinking of buying new watch got a polar rs300x with the footpod .which I luv . Saw the new polar rc3 GPs looks good would love some feedback & the new basic garmin . Does GPs work in woods as I train more on trail .cheers .
  • hi blakester  did just over 6 yesterday dont feel to bad will try and take it easy but you knoe what us runners are like

  • Oh yes mate just love running in this time of year . Any feedback on the Cardiff ultra 50 miles in may thinking of doing it for training for the wall run keep running Swansea imp ...
  • funny enough blakester i was going to ask you about the cardiff 50 miles in may as it fits in with me being off work the week after give me time to recover

  • yes im in swansea imp . its a bit mental doing a 50 mile training run but should be good training for the wall run 69 miles..could be a 100 next ?????

  • got to speak to the wife about dropping me off and picking me up as a non driver was planning on doing the  tenby  marathon in july and welsh on april 21 but i fancy cardiff did 12 and half today and 35 for the week no ill affects from my two weeks off so will increase next week but back to work in the morning being a postman on my legs all the time hope the training going well blakester

  • Sorry not been around guys, not a RW person really but have added to  my favourites now so ask away if any questions or just email me on confirmation email address, you have all had confirmation emails right?

  • yes had my confirmation email


  • Yes training going ok done the Newport marathon last sunday or mini ultra 2 miles over done 28 miles good training run .only 12 people done it .. Done a night trail run this week with headlamp on really enjoyed it Ran faster for some strange reason ..14 for me tomorrow then a 12k trail run on sunday .. Keep running
  • what trainers do you wear blakester in your ultras

  • When I done the wall run used my asics kayano 17 and had a spare pair for the next day more road than trail. When I trail run use my Adidas kanadia tr3 ..
  • I used kayano 18 for the afternoon section of the wall, for the morning I used trail shoes but could have gone for flippers
  • Can't be that wet next year can it ? ? How did you get on in afternoon section EKGO
  • The morning was waterlogged in trail shoes, and not a good day, I got changed at midway and completely dried off, then 1 mile into the second stage had to cross a stream in the road so I scaled a garden wall and a fence to avoid more wet feet. The afternoon was not as wet in general but as it got dark I got cold and picked up an injury, I ended up walking the last stage. A long day but hopefully knock some time off next year

  • thanks  blakester prob wear nike pegasus

  • anyone know when the entries for the 20 miles in llanelli on jan 27 will be open was hoping to do it as a prep race


  • How's the training going been hit down with chest infection this week feel gutted so have to build up again .booked hotel, staying 2 nights so be great to have a few ciders after.
  • Entered, just need to get fit again now!
  • sorry to hear about your chest blakester hope your feeling better now not keen on the weather at the moment

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