new trail shoes which ones

hi all

looking for a new pair of trail shoes for a trail marathon

at the moment got some old asics gel which i love to bits but sadly they no longer maker that shoe

im a over pronater and my road shoes are nike traix 15 i know they say you dont need the support for trail shoes but have tried some on ,adidas xt,pumas and they just dont feel as if you could run a marathon in them

any recomendations will be most welcome oh also where i can get them cheap from

cheers malc


  • I'm also looking out for some trail shoes and have similar support concerns, plus I benefit significantly from cushioning.  I've been looking at Asics Torana's, which can be had for about £41 delivered from Start Fitness (use the code RW10 for % off) and include a pair of running socks.  Going by reviews, they seem to fit the bill.

    I'm hoping to pop into the shops tomorrow and try out a pair before I buy them.

  • luna sandals....

    Just done the southdowns trail marathon in mine..image

  • Some good shoes on start fitness. Cheers faiths daddy

    Merrowman your mad lol
  • The runner that put me onto the Adidas Adizero XT3`s runs 50-100 mile off road ultras  Malc... If you look around you can pick up the orange version for £45`ish  

  • I'm an overpronator and use Gel Torana; think they are good for trail running. I've used them on Combe Gibbet 16, Marlborough Downs 20 miler and will use them on Lakeland Trails Marathon next month. They are a good compromise from road shoes. They are not mud plugging shoes. 

  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭

    You could do a lot worse than these, on sale at The grip is phenomenal, the cushioning just right and a wee bit of support for overpronation. The only supportive shoes in the Inov-8 range, but a fine pedigree for ultras...

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