John o'groats to land's end

I've been having some insane idea for a while now of running from John o'groats to land's end. But where do you start with planning and training?

I was just wondering if anyone else had had a similar insane idea (and maybe gone through and done it)? Or maybe they know somewhere I could get some information or can just offer some advice (other than don't be so stupid!).

My background is that I've done 5 slowish marathons in my time (PB 4:14)but nothing further. At the moment I'm doing about 30 miles a week training with my longest runs 12 miles or so. Obviously there'd be a very long way to go but maybe next summer could be realistic? I think it would be a really good target to aim to do it within a month but that would require an average of 30+ miles a day - I know it's possible as the world record is 10 days or so I believe.

Anyway, I'll stop rambling and let someone else put a comment in!

Many thanks in advance for any advice.


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    i saw the thread and i thought cool, id love to cycle that sometime. then i realised you were refering to running.

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  • I thought of cycling or walking it but decided that was too easy. In any case I'm a runner goddamit so if I'm going to do it I'll run!
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    fair do's!
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  • ! I will ride it one day, when I have time, but I'm not gonna kill myself doing it. Should be enjoyable.

    30 days of 30+ miles would be brutal. I don't fancy it - but good luck !
  • Peter,

    I've cycled it, and also ran from Paris to London at an average of around 30 miles a day (230 miles for 8 days). The thing that kills you is the daily stopping and starting. It's really hard starting every morning.

    You can definately do it - you just need to seriously ramp up your mileage - and do long runs on consecutive days. And of course try not to get injured.

    If you fancy a decent training run then we're doing RPTL again next year in April - see

    PS - Have a read of Flanagans Run. It's a book about running across America - fictional but very good.
  • mad - you're all ferking mad
  • Ironman,

    I have to say that the Paris to London looks very tempting especially as everything's organised for you and it doesn't cost too much! Just a shame that next year's Paris Marathon is the 'wrong week'!!

    A question for you - do you do the whole distance in one go each day or do you run, say 15 miles in the morning, have a couple of hours rest and then run 15 in the afternoon?
  • my friend has the world record running it in 9 days, 90 miles per day. he was doing 250 miles per week in training the hardest thing is the navigation, and a good back-up team is a must, really fancy doing it myself one year,you really need to bang the miles in training. 30 miles a day does not seem much but over a month is hell of a long way(over 200 miles per week). you need to bang in some ultra runs or races, i think next year sounds a bit optomistic with all the planning and training that will need to be done but good luck!
  • Peter,

    Agreed - it's a bit of a disappointment, but not a lot we can do about it! Still its a very good way to do a hell of a training week with some good company. A lot of this years runners used it as a training exercise for other challenges including the 145 Grand Union Canal Race.

    We pretty much did each days distance straight through, as I eluded to before, once you stop it really hurts to get going again.

    The planning for LE to JOG will be a challenge as well. Will you have full roadside support or try it solo?
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    Now this is the MAD thread!

    I'll just lurk!
  • Totally mad '30 miles a day doesn't sound a lot' - doesn 't it??

    My other half cycled it in 10 days. The standard route goes past our house so have the pleasure of seeing walkers/cyclists bearing charity signs on a regular basis. Happy to put on tea and buns for you as you jog past.

    PS. Good luck with RPTL next year Ironman et al, I followed this year on your website with interest.
  • Ironman, Paul, etc - do u run/walk each day?
  • Someone say buns and tea ?

    (cougie goes off to the road map to plan his assault)

    I bet Monique will have started already !!
  • Ironman, I haven't really thought too much about the organisation at this point, it's just preliminary thoughts. It probably won't happen next year to be honest, maybe not even the year after but one day I fully intend to do it! There's plenty of time, I'm only 26!

    One of the things I wanted to learn from a thread like this was whether you could do it solo or would require backup. I suspect the latter would make things far easier (and lets face it, it's hard enough already!).

    What sort of training did you do for the Paris to London? Presumably you wouldn't do any 230 mile weeks in training - maybe it would be something like building up to 150 mile weeks with 'easier' weeks of 60-70 miles inbetween!? Something like that? I'm just guessing really!
  • A friend of mine walked it over a summer - it was after he had graduated and had nothing else going on, so time wasn't a problem. He just stood up, and went basically, carrying basic things, sleeping mostly in hostels, with friends, at pubs. He found that once he got out into the countryside, people would offer him places to sleep, after he'd chatted to them over a few pints. He just did it for fun, and to see a side of Britain that you'd never normally see. Don't know how long it took.
  • Sounds like your friend found it an excellent experience. I initially thought of walking it but it was due to time restraints that I thought running it would be quicker!
  • Does anyone know where I can get a route description/map for JOG to LE? Is there a club of people who've done it? 'spose I could search the web but if anyone already knows of any sites...
  • Peter,

    Just remembered this guy whose done it:

  • Thanks for that Ironman, just what I wanted.
  • For those who haven't seen the website for the guy who did this, this is his weekly training...

    Monday 5.30am :14 mile run before school
    p.m. 10 mile run
    Tuesday 5.30am: 14 mile run before school
    p.m 14 mile run
    Wednesday REST
    Thursday 5.30am : 14 mile run before school
    p.m 3.5 hour run (20-24 miles)
    Friday 5.30am : 14 mile run before school p.m REST
    Saturday a.m. REST
    pm 3 hour run (20 miles)
    Sunday 3 - 4 hour run (up to 30 miles)

  • He did the run in 24 days - some achievement.
  • I am sure there are loads of books on the subject of ultrarunning, but one I will recommend is Slow Burn by Stu Mittleman.

    If you haven't heard of Stu, when he was doing his phd in the US, he heard of a tribe of Mexican Indians who one day a year go and run 70 miles just for fun.

    He went and lived and trained with them.
    He came back to the US and ran 1000 miles in 11 days. About 78 miles per day.
    Stu is now an ultrarunner and I believe in the meantime he has run across America a la Forest Gump.

    His book is on running technique, diet, philosophy etc.

    Worth checking out.
  • Has anyone done a Land End to John O'Groats to Lands End? Having been inspired by Ranulph I'd at least like to give LE2JOG a go and maybe LE2JOG2LE.
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