wetsuit hole..? rubber repair..?

I (ahem) borrowed a friend's wetsuit (no names!) and kinda (well I did) hole it with an errant finger nail.. Can you repair the neoprene or what? If so with what?



  • Yep - ngo to your local scuba shop or surf shop - they'll sort you out

  • Cheers Will...
    Will search out such a shop.. but may be difficult in deepest darkest shropshire!!!!
  • Hi Stick-Leg
    If it's a latex wrist, ankle or neck seal, it's hard to repair - a new seal would be preferable.

    If it's the neoprene body, it may be repairable with a patch and neoprene cement depending on where the hole is.

    Try this to find a local dive centre in the Midlands:


    Scuba Shirl
  • Any surf shop will stock wetsuit glue. 'Black Witch' works well; I think 'Aqua seam' is also ok... Use some Duct Tape on the inside of the wetsuit,then fill the hole with glue. If you can stitch the wetsuit first (if the hole on a seam) this will work even better... Don't panic though; this is a fairly common occurence, and it is easily mended.
  • Oh, I think that should have read "Aqua Seal"
  • Cheers All....

    its not on a seam, just front of shoulder... And thanks for the url for midlands scuba shops too!!
  • *Frosty glare* *tuuttttt*...my poor wetsuit....*LOL*..only kidding, you know I hate the thing anyway!

    If you can't find the glue in darkest Shropshire, I will have a look here.
  • (and I was trying to keep it quiet that it was your wetsuit!!!)
  • I know you were!
  • (Psssst - tip - don't wear false nails when dressing up in rubber. It's bound to end in tears)

    Ha ! Geddit - tears/tears ? Oh, I give up.
  • Oh poor MM, he's never without his 3 inch long French Manicured falsies. He'll probably never swim again now!
  • (hum, a good excuse! - I like it!!!!!)
  • (thinks....must get false nails put on so that I can have an excuse not to mountain bike....) ;-)
  • Mine are real.
  • So are mine. And MMs. But they can still rip neoprene.
  • DazDaz ✭✭✭
    yeh you can get plasters for it. my second hand one has loads - reckon flo-jo used it in 80s when she gave tri a try!
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  • Anywhere I can go to get the glue/patches round these parts, Dazzlo?
  • Thanks Cougs.
  • Worked a treat on the gimp mask anyway.
  • DazDaz ✭✭✭
    that was you coug!?

    i owe you £40
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