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    <div class="forum-thread-latestpost-owner">erthfg rtujdgd - seems to be posting a lot as the last poster on many threads. Just for info - i dont want to report the thread as it's not spam - just one user.
    Badly Drawn Bloke wrote (see)
    I posted the following elsewhere.  It's not a dig at Jeepers (thank you for taking a poisened chalace) but it sums up my view;

    My opinion is clear - this is the wrong way to go.
    1. RW need to sort this out themselves.
    2. It's not fair on the chosen mods (would you like to go to the site and see a thread saying "Oi you, do your free, unpaid job"?)
    3. People get things wrong;
    a) technically
    b) ethically.

    Agree. It's nothing against the chosen mod's - but it's against RW for putting good natured forumites into a possibly difficult position.

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  • Out of the goodness of their own heart?  Public spiritedness?  To put / give something back?

    Why did you help RW out KK?  What were your reasons?

    Why do amateur sports coaches give of their own time to coach youngsters?  For the same reasons perhaps.  Who are we to question their motives if, in the vast majority of cases, it is for the greater good?

    Perhaps the new Mods are adept on computers?  Either way I, for one, applaud their selfess act for picking up what now appears to be the poisoned chalice; if they are getting constant critisism as a result from their fellows and peers!

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