the wall run

hi to all ultra runners, just like to know wot should i start eating a week before the wall run,am used to eating pasta before marathons.any more advice first ultra and not my last i hope, cant wait to mix with top ultras going to be a good weekend,as im a stone mason so will bring my trowel along to do some repairs ha ha ..thanks. O by the way in my mandatory kit list wot is a full windproof/showerproof body cover ive got a survival bag which can be used as a shelter ? thanks again blakester...


  • Just eat a normal diet... maybe a little more carbs than normal but you wont gain anything from shoveliing extra food in.

    Windproof/shower proof kit refers to jacket and trousers...

  • ok. thanks lay of kfc then . blakes

  • You can't really run in a survival bag. It would need to be foul weather to wear the trousers but you have to plan for those circumstances. Have fun !
  • Would be funny thanks cougie
  • Really weird this morning woken up with really tired sore legs have not trained for a few days so not training related.

    Is this my body saying your not going to run almost seventy miles the day after tomorrow!
  • its your mind making sure you rest well in the days will be fine..enjoy

  • I agree with the above, head palying tricks, I had a similar problem before last weekend, I felt really bad, I had completed a 35 mile run end of May and relaxed back, possibly too early, I put it down to taper problems (only did minimal miles in June) so I did a couple of short runs and quite a lot of biking this week to put my legs back in exercise mode and it feels really good. I think for me, tapering can have the effect of letting the aches and pains take hold but thankfully it seems it's temporary

  • Thanks for the advice. Just weird to ache without putting the training in. I think my mind has lots of tricks in store for me.
  • I feel the same before races every ache and pains come back to haunt you but a few miles in no problems.same as tapering didn't do it before brightons marathon and used it as a training run and ran a pb.happy days.
  • i see you get around all the forums Seren - just doing homework for after the Outlaw - i got to get an ultra in this year at some point,but starting to think that 12 days rest isnt really enough time to recover for grimsthorp  image 

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