Swanage Half Marathon


Im training for swanage half ive done 5k and 10k and really wanted to get a half done i entered last week, im running 9 miles at moment so getting there just a bit worried tho as a friend told me its really hard loads of big hills, i understand there will be hills because of the area, just wondered if there is anyone else who as done this race who could give me some good advice
im a 100% on doing this any advice really appreciated thanx


  • goldbeetlegoldbeetle ✭✭✭

    I did it few years ago there are hills but they wont kill you there are harder hillier races just try and run the distance before hand thats always a good morale booster for a first half. Dont worry enjoy it its lovely part of the world

  • I've just been down there on holiday and yes there are hills on that route, but I'd only class it as undulating (and I am no racing snake image), as long as you can do the distance you'll be fine. As goldbeetle says the scenery is fantastic and you can ease your feet and legs in the sea afterwards on one of the best beaches in the UK. Just wish I was still down there to do it!

  • Hi, It is a pretty hilly route but as long as you pace yourself you will be fine. IMO the hardest bit is the stretch from Corfe Castle to Harmans Cross (from about 8 - 11 miles) as there are some fairly long (but not so steep) climbs along there. It's a great race and like Andrew says, going into the sea afterwards is the best bit!

    Good luck!


  • I  have run this race a few times and the hill near the start is challenging as are a few  other stretches ...

    It is a great race and well organised and fun coinciding as it does with the carnival week

    I havnt entered yet so I am hoping to eod



  • compo 1compo 1 ✭✭✭

    I have been on holiday here a few times and done a bit of running round the area    just be careful of some thoughless car drivers   they drive very close to runners      yes it is hilly   but worth  itimage

  • Where do you sign up online????

  • Advance entry has closed but you can register on the day
  • Might EOD.  Is it all on road?

  • Yup, it's all on road but the way things are going those roads might be a bit wet and muddy!!!!! Especially the back lanes. 

  • Spot on RoseC, I did a bit of the route on holiday on a run onto and around Nine Barrow Down and it's fair to say that some of the quieter lanes do get a bit muddy with all the "wash off" the fields when it's really wet.

    Looks like a race though to enjoy from what I can see, I'd certainly do it if I had the chance.

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