walsall 5k park run

im new to all this running stuff and only tend to run organised charity events such as race for life. i was wondering if the walsall 5k park run is worth taking part in each weekend to help with my training?? what are your opinions???


  • Not familiar with the Walsall one, but I aim to do my local one about once a month.  I find it gives a useful measure of progress and provides short term motivation.  Whether to take part every week, I woudl say, depends on how you run it:  If you go all out it might put extra strain on you legs and leave you tired for training for the next day or two, and perhaps increase the risk of injury.  However, if you just use as an opportunity to push yourself a bit then go for it.

  • hey buddhafinger thanks for the advice. tbh its more than likely going to be every other weekend due to other commitments.. but i understand that going for it will put extra strain on myself which i dont want..... but i agree its a very good way to measure how im progressing. i am already probably a 30-35 min 5k runner but want to build fitness levels up and push to be under 30 mins. im planning doing plenty of charity runs to raise money for the muscular dystrophy camagin so i thought start of small and work my way up to the 10k and half etc.. just need to pace myself as dont wanna push to hard and injure myself as im so keen to kick start the running!!

  • Hi Samiee image

    Walsall Parkrun is my local parkrun i've been thinking about doing it for a while. it looks really good so hopefully i'll see you there soon image We sound very local to each other image

  • Yea of course!! image I'm based Aldridge/Walsall wood so only down the road for me! I'm gonna be doing it this coming saturday so if you want to I will let you know before hand what I'm planning to wear etc but u can't really miss me with my 'lovely' strawberry blonde/ginger hair lol image and I will say a BIG hello image have you been running long??
  • Sam... I know you. Its Claire Miller from when we were at school image

    We should start doing this every couple of weeks, I'd do it with you seriously. It would be better than me doing it by myself. lol

  • Omg! Faye's sister played in band! Flute ?? I have a friend on here at last. I'm only just working out how to do this lol! Signe up today! Yea well I'm gonna be training a couple of times a week and then run the 5k every other week to check progress etc! My aim is either great north, bipartisan great south or bham 1/2! But seriously if u want a running friend that can be arrangedimage I'm talking the bf in to running smaller races with me but really wanna push myself and it's all fonna be for charity so that's all that counts!!
  • Yes!!

    I'm doing B'ham half. I do it for Parkinson's. I've done GNR twice that is amazing, I did it slowly but still finished 

    Sounds good to me, i can't do this weekend but could do the week after, i'm sure we can sort something. I knew it was you and then you said about your hair colour, i was sure. image xx

  • Lol!! Yup not many gingers about is there! I'm UNIQUE I guess image well I'm def doing next week then we can sort it out from there! I will fb message u my number and we can sort training out etc! I'm doing all tgi's for my dad who has got muscular dystrophy so trying to get charity places for stuff first but wanting to do as much local stuff as I can!! Wow! Your well ahead of me then! I only generally do race for life lol! But team wood green all the wayimage x
  • Sounds good image I'm really slow you don't understand lol but it'd be good to have someone to talk to about it, you can be my Mrs. Motivator image Facebook me lovely, its such a small world lol.

  • It's ok. We all start somewhere image I will get u motivated missy don't u worry about that image let the fun begin then image hinna fb u now so speak soon xx
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