Stitch issues

Today's questions for the forum Is there a way of avoiding stitches whilst running? Is it better to run before eating or afterwards, or even on an empty stomach? Should I cut out caffeine, sugar, alcohol or all of the above? I'm starting a 13 week half marathon plan on Tuesday preparing for the Bacchus Half marathon on September 9th and want to do as well as I can


  • I can only tell you what I've read and what works for me. If you are going to eat then do so a least 2-3 hours before a run. I try to eat extra healthier the day of a run too. Most of the time I am running just before meal time so I come in, stretch, shower and eat. Stitches aren't as bad as they used to be now my core strength is building. When I get one I slow my pace a little, put some pressure on the point of the stitch with my finger tips until it eases up. I also read a technique about changing your breathing pattern. Try to breath in each time on the same foot and out on the other foot. If you get a stitch then switch the breathing in to the other foot and out to the first foot. It does seem to help me and the stitch subsides in about a minute or so.
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