Huntingdon 10K Charity Run

Anyone else out there enter this one? Was my first chip-timed race, enjoyed the experience, but was about a minute outside my normal training run pace : wondered how others faired against their predicted finish times, I had been thinking this would be a PB potential due to the flat course


  • Brilliant that you ran and enjoyed it so much. Its a challenging course but as you say an enjoyable one.The strong winds today made many a PB not attainable. Look forward to seeing you next year. By the way we raised around £25,000 today for charity! Thank you for helping us towards this target.

  • I entered this one also. As you say I was way off the pace due to strong winds and suffering from ITBS, but still had great fun and was a nice course. Will definitely be back next year!

  • Glad to hear that the winds didn't deter you, and the return stretch on the runway is also slightly uphill. Great to see you next year...looking forwaed to it.

  • This was my first ever 10k and i thought it was brilliant, i set myself a target of 1hr but came in 2 mins over, like you said the wind and up hill part to the end may have played a part, deffinatly coming back next year!! oh and to see Sir John Major on the way round made it special.

  • Thanks for your comments Cakka, much appreciated. Both John & Norma Major were in attendence both on the course and at the finish although we were asked NOT to point it out to the event attendees or the general crowd. They were there as they had their children running in the 10K and live just off the course route. Indeed last year the course ran alongside their house!

    I am very pleased to say that the hosts of the event, U&C, have just granted us a free lease for the next three years so the race is staying on the airfield.

  • good news, def be back next year

  • Thanks Ian. Look forward to meeting with you.

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