Shoes and 500 miles

Is it good to replace running shoes every 500 miles or is it just manufactures trying to get more of our hard earned cash?

I've had mine now since September last year and have roughly run 500 miles in them. They look fine apart from the tread on one shoe has almost gone under the ball of my foot and in other places the colour has worn away to reveal whats under it.

I've also started to get some pain at the point where my big toes join my feet at the side (great medical explination) but I don't know if thats me not letting my feet rest or if my running style has changed as I only started in September.

I'm going to be near a Sweatshop this week so would it be worth investing in some new shoes even if it to just rotate them or should mine last longer?


  • 500 is an average quoted. It is based on a number of factors including weight of the runner, surface, unusual gait etc. It may be that some of the cushioning is going, causing the toe pain, but it may also be your gait - you have uneven wear on the two shoes.

    If you are starting to get injuries, a podiatrist / PT may be able to check gait etc, and recommend an appropriate shoe, or rehab exercises if it is not the shoe causing the toe problem.

    Alterntively go to a good running store for a free gait analysis / fitting. They are likely to recommend a new shoe as you are approaching the useful life of your current pair.
  • It's also a good ideal to get two pairs and alternate so that the last gets a rest.

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