Wirrial Seaside Runs

When's the next one? What time does it start?


  • This Sunday 1100

    A no-frills event - enter on the day - go straight to Leasowe Lighthouse to register.

    Unfortunately the morning events (at the start and end of the year) aren't quite as much fun as the summer runs. The traffic from nearby car boot sales will cause congestion on the approach roads. Don't let it put you off though!

    Early indications suggest it might be a tough one this time round - wind probably against most of the way.
  • I'd best be tailgating you then!!

    How bad is the congestion? Traffic jams are a major source of irritation for me.
  • No traffic jams - in fact the area is v easy to reach (dual carriageways from J1 of the M53). However, there are usually a lot of parked cars and people milling about crossing the road at the right-angle bend where Leasowe Road tuns away from the coast and becomes Pasture Road. This, however, is where you need to turn off to reach the lighthouse. Should be plenty of room in the lighthouse carpark though.
  • Hopefully see you there. Keep an eye open for the URWFRC vest. I will be about 5 minutes behind you.
  • Oooh ? 11am. I MIGHT just be able to do this one then. Gotta take Cougie Jr to a party in Neston for 10.30, so might be pushing it. I'll look out for the vests.
  • 1 vest only - I never got round to getting a URWFRC vest for myself. I'll be in my usual dark green...
  • OK - if you see some eedjit screeching up in a Black Astra at 10.59 - that'll be me then.
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