Marlow Half Marathon



  • It was - a long sleeve tech jobby, with "Runner's Remember" and a Poppy on the arm to go with the race charity last year. All the ones before that were long sleeve and cotton though (or at least going back to 2002 they were!) 

  • Not sure if anyone has seen this,I Just found the video's of the runners going through the biggest puddle/river!!, this is part 1 where I did spot my OH going through image. there are also video's showing parts 2-9 so you may be able to spot yourselves!

  • Yes it was, wore it tonight. Unvrotuneatly too cold to use the 2012 version, will use it on Thursday's track session though.  Did a Fartlek session with club tonight..  Painful....

  • Brilliant! I'm in there too!

    Thanks for that one Claire - proves what I said about how deep it was and was told I was exaggerating!

  • It was a good find wasnt it!  It certainly was deep and freezing cold too! my feet and legs felt numb for a few minutes afterwards! at least you all had a clear run near the front, it was crowded when I went through there! and I did go through it and not try to go around the edge! image

  • Yeah, though being less corwded didn't stop me gettign soaked from head to toe by my own splashing as the post race chafing will verify!!

    The edge hopping business did seem an odd choice, as most everyone would have had wet feet from the rain befor then anyway! Certainly anyone who kept their feet dry past this one wouldn't have done for long!


  •  The race director did say at the start that the flooding is deep enough to cover your running shoes! so im not sure why people thought they had a chance of keeping them dry. my OH's kit was also soaking wet, and his racing shoes will never be the same colour again! ha ha!  Really looking forward to next years Marlow Half now cant wait! image

  • A tiny shoekeeping hint: a quick wash in a regular washing machine soon after a muddy race should return shoes to their former state or better. I've defied the recommendations about mileage and washing and now clocked up 1300 miles in my current pair and they've survived 3 washes to date (including the damp MK marathon). Asics 2160 by the way.


  • 1300 miles with 1 set of shoes, you must glide when you're not walking on water !!! image


  • Hmmm... put it like that, maybe I've been underrating my potential. image

    Or everyone has underrated their shoes. Topic for another forum I guess.


  • Most I've ever got is about 650, when the midsole started to develop a similar consistency as a lump of 10 year old cheshire cheese!

  • So glad I rubbed vaseline around my feet before putting on the socks and did the laces up well. Definitely the wettest I've ever run and 6 mins slower than last but a great atmosphere as usual.   I do miss the medal for my collection and wish there was a proper photographer to capture the drowned rats.

    Wonder if we'll be allowed back at the school next year as their field was well trashed.

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