Contemplating my first tri .....



  • You all have a lot to answer for, form n money's in the post so no real turning back now. I'll be sure to post my experience when the time comes!
  • Congrats on taking the plunge and yes, we do want a race report afterwards image

  • Well done Karlarl.  You won't regret it.  I did my first sprint yesterday (750m pool swim), and I'm utterly hooked ... knew I would be.  Even though my swim was shite, I was cheered out of the pool cos I was the last one in.  And the only way is up from there!

    You'll love it.  As a seasoned vet of ONE tri, my only advice would be to not agonise over time, just go and enjoy it and learn from any mistakes.  You'll be buzzing.  Good luck!

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