Puma Stockport 10



  • Sorry to hear about your mum 15 West, I broke my ankle in the spring and am only just building the milage up (work has been getting in the way too). Hope she makes a speedy recovery.

    I will probably be wearing a purple long sleeved top and at the back Jane if you want a running chum!

  • I'll be on the corner of Bents Lane and Vernon Road, just as you do a sharp left turn.  Can't promise I'll be wearing a carnation or carrying a rolled up newspaper but I'll probably be the one in a dayglo vest shouting a lot...

  • IN! Just got an entry off someone that can't take part....image

    Jane, don't worry about being slow....I was nearly last in 2010, & it's a dead friendly club & won't forget you!

    I'll wait & cheer you in. image

  • Pyjama Girl   it should be  a good race  if no ice any where

  • *Waves* at Tinkerbell....There will be no ice!

  • good   no ice here today   

  • The goody bags were packed today to the strains of the "Benny Hill" music - everything about this race is fun!  Good luck everyone!

  • Love it love it love it.

  • Best race ever in terms of comedy value! Absolutely what running is about and topped off a cracking year for me racing wise. Well done to every single person at Stockport Harriers, Tony(?) the MC was brilliant - course was bit hilly loike second half but I like hills so all good. I'll be back next year and out of a hell of a load of races this year, this stands out to me as a bloody good 'un. Finished in 1:18:14, happy enough with that. image
  • Loved starting off to the benny hill song..... stuck in my head all day now!

  • Had a great time. Thanks to the marshalls and organisers, and especially to the 2 sweepers who were behind me most of the way - making me feel I wasn't going to get left behind without ever rushing me.

    Also big thanks to Pyjama girl for staying until the end to make sure I made it through.

    Fairly happt with 2:08 on the back of injury and illness - will aim for under 2 hrs next year.

    What was the worm in the goody bag about though?

  • The worm is a standard goody bag treat. No point behind it, the more bizarre the better. Love the sticker. "Rubbish but brilliant"
  • Yes, that has to be one of the most bizarre and interesting goody bags I've received. Also loved Benny Hill at the start.

    Great value with the technical T included too.

  • Lost the worm image was rubbish as predicted but loved it! Will be back next year image

  • I never got a worm this year. The birds will be disappointed.

    Agree with the above comments - setting off to the Benny Hill music was comedy class. I ran round that track with a right big grin on my face. What a brilliant event yet again. Thank you The Harriers, the marshals and Tony on the mic.

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