How am I so slow??!

I started running just before Christmas and worked my way up from nothing to running 5k on my long run. I have just started following a 5k training plan as I am doing Race for Life next month.The only thing is, it takes me just over 45 mins to run 5k. Last year I walked Race for Life in 53 mins at which point I was seven stone heavier and very unfit!. I am disappointed that despite all the training I have done I am barely any faster than I was walking. Will I ever get faster?


  • 8 minutes improvement may not seem a lot, but it is! especially for someone who started just before christmas.

    how far can you go in 8 minutes? well given your current speed, a little over half a mile! a surprisingly long way really.

    Don't put yourself down, if you had got worse then be worried but as you have improved give yourself a pat on the back. image

    in answer to your question, you have already got faster - keep up the training and you'll get faster still.

  • I agree, I would pat you on the back for doing so well!

    Losing 7 stone is no mean achievement, and you are doing great guns with the funning. Your body has undergone quite a change, be patient with it, and let it adapt.

    You will find that you continue to improve, as te weeks go by. Good luck for your RFL, you will find the On-the-day time will be a big improvement on last year. Just be patient. I would love to hear how you get on!

  • Thanks guys, you have made me feel a lot more positive about my progress. I suppose I'm a bit too eager to see big improvements instead of looking at how much has changed.

    I will keep you informed Voley!

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