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  • LB you wont be 'moderated' unless you are posting spam

    I actually opted to have a 'badge' for want of a word as I think it is an honest way

    I think we are missing a point also that I have volunteered to do what I can do when I am available to do it.  As a volunteer I can at any time ask not to be a volunteer any more.  I am not interested really in what RW could have or should have done with the Spam.

    'We' have a problem with spam, I have volunteered to help.

  • PhilPubPhilPub ✭✭✭

    Speaking of badges, there's a lot of yellow and black on this thread.  image

  • They should be paying you Melds. They don't do their jobs for free do they?
  • By the way.....

    *opens jacket*

    Wanna buy a watch? I give you good price image
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    kittenkat wrote (see)

    Getting a badge will make people think they're mods. There will be confusion and PMs flying at the next dispute.


    You just need the right badge.



  • I have a bit of a bee in my bonnet at the moment with companies in general asking people increasingly to 'volunteer' rather than paying them for something that has a VALUE and should be renumerated. We have volunteers running libraries FFS and qualified librarians on the dole. There is no end of people who want me to do stuff for them for free but I want to be paid now and it's almost like you should apologise for it.
  • What a total storm in a teacup...
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    Seems a good idea and nobody is being coerced.

    KK, we know where you stand on this. Will you please shut up now?

  • Dominique - once a post has been "quarantined" can the author of said thread then not post?  My impression is that the spammers are using the same user ID for multiple threads so it becomes a huge task if threads have to be quarantined individually when they're being generated by a spambot at a rate of several per minute.

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    That's a good point XFR...

  • If the user mods will only be clearing spam might it have been less contentious to call them 'sweeper uppers'?


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    lots of angst on behalf of the new spam mods regards the extra effort/time/working for free....if they dont mind why do you?

    lots of conspiracy theories/what ifs going on from the same handful of people.  they are only going to quarantine the obvious spam.  nothing more nothing isnt a big fact i thank them for having the time to do this. Of course i would prefer it to be a fancy filter do this for free but this isnt an option today so spam mods will do...until RW put a better filter in.

  • everyone who reads this thread knows who the spam cleaners are.....but in the interest of all those who haven't read it or who join in the future then it will be clear to everyone.............

    i don't care one way or the other about the badges .agreed because certain poeple wanted it all open  and so didn't want to add to the conspiracy theories etc

    and KK can say what you want until tomorrow morning as you know as well as everyone that the mods are away at nights and write away......

  • Do they get a gun ?

  • Someone to keep an eye on spam over the weekend is fantastic news.
  • I've read this thread - and the other one and I just don't believe what I'm reading! 

    There's been a lot of nonsense on the forum over the years but this takes the biscuit! 

    There are other fora where there are clearly identified moderators - and they moderate to the nth degree, ensuring that posters follow the clear guidelines for posting. They also shift posts from one thread to another if it's more appropriate.


    If people want to make our experience of using this forum a better one in their own time without being paid, then let them. In fact, thank them rather than slay them.

    JUST GET OVER IT AND FIND SOMETHING ELSE TO WITTER AND WHINGE ABOUT. I'm sure that won't be too difficult for some of you from what I see.

  • the moderators do

  •  who the hell want's to do something that others are paid for in times when you should be having your own social life....

    as I said, the moderators, or more accurately, the spam sweepers do image

  • 1) You don't need to be glued to a computer to help moderate a forum let alone just remove spam when it pops up.

    2) Even if you were, surely its up to the person(s) involved if they are willing to do that?

  • I have in my time done things for free, that others get paid for in other situations.

    It was my way of spending my free time, it was part of my "social life"

    In fact I now spend at least 4 hours a week doing one thing that others get paid for which many would think would be better spent  having a "social life"

    Can you guess what it is yet?image

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    Some posts have 'asking for it' all over them.

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