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     Go on, i dare you!!

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    I've read this thread - and the other one and I just don't believe what I'm reading! 

    There's been a lot of nonsense on the forum over the years but this takes the biscuit! 

    There are other fora where there are clearly identified moderators - and they moderate to the nth degree, ensuring that posters follow the clear guidelines for posting. They also shift posts from one thread to another if it's more appropriate.


    If people want to make our experience of using this forum a better one in their own time without being paid, then let them. In fact, thank them rather than slay them.

    JUST GET OVER IT AND FIND SOMETHING ELSE TO WITTER AND WHINGE ABOUT. I'm sure that won't be too difficult for some of you from what I see.

    You've missed the point, they're not getting slated, the system is.

    Actually - as documented over the weekend - I was being slated and what was said was personal.  But we've moved on.

    I don't see myself as a moderator, merely a "spam remover". 

    I have done voluntary work in my "real life" - my reason for doing so is that it is a chance for me to give something back to people / organisations that have done something for me or my family.

    I have got a lot out of this forum so when I was approached last week and asked if I'd be prepared to help out, I said yes because it seemed a way of giving something back.

    Like Meldy, I said that I preferred to be identified because I think it right that people know.

    I think that the use of the word "moderator" in this context is misleading, if we'd been called "spam-cleaner-uppers-in-the-evenings-and-weekends" I doubt if there would have been this much fuss.  Or discussion.

    Anyhow, no matter how you see it, hopefully we all benefit from a spam-free zone.


  • I resent being referred to a whinger and witterer and a conspiracy theorist when I have done nothing more than voice an opinion and try to have a debate.

    What shocking weather, ipods in races etc I don't know, you've all got it in for me.  It's not fair, it's the giant lizards.   . 

    There, now it's justifiedimage

  • goldbeetlegoldbeetle ✭✭✭

    Can I have this as a badge if I dont agree with the idea of Moderators?


  • goldbeetlegoldbeetle ✭✭✭

    And if I do this one


  • Jeepers,

    What I think concerns some people (and me) is that now that you've got a 'badge' people with pressurise you to deal with posts that aren't spam but offend them in some way.

    Unfortunately you've been put into a position where you have the technical tools to deal with there post but it's not actually your role.

    I just hope that forumites do realise the difference and don't start having a go at the spam mods when you tell them to bugger of as it's not your job.


  • Excellent idea. The forum was just about unworkable a few weeks back.

    I've no problem with any user deleting spam.

    And kk - would you find any long time users on here who havent been involved in some argument or other. Thats what forums are ?
  • Loon.Loon. ✭✭✭

    don't understand why badges are necessarily for clearing spam, I assume the people chosen will receive the notifications of spam anyway. bit like class monitors, let's bully them, bet them bring apples in for teacher image

  • I can honestly say that I have never been to china or bought a gucci bag............I ddin't buy any tv football matches that are already free and I haven't ever had sex with a tin of can clarify that I have no previous politics or dynamics with any of the spammers unless someone here is behind the spam................

    i can clarify again that i have over ever once reported a thread to the mod when i thought that someone was being out of order posting personal piccies of an ex forumite............and i don't think that person has appeared on this thread..........

    and to employ people 24 hours a day to get rid of the spam would make the site until other measures can do the job I think the volunteers are the best option for the short term.........image

  • I think RW have missed a trick big time.

    They should have given kk a 'Hall Moderator' badge. A nice big shiny badge with lots of glitter. And a certificate that says in big letters 'Hall Monitor'. And then give her a few extra buttons to push beside each thread and each post. If the buttons were actually routed so that they click on advertisers' links then ....

    But RW have completely missed this opportunity. They should all be led outside and shot. Now!

  • Moderate that.

    If you dare.

  • M..o.useM..o.use ✭✭✭

    kk - I would propose that you have your own agenda and that is that you are afraid that these moderators are going to be able to do something with your posts.  Several (hundred) times it has been made clear to you that they are not permitted to do so, and are only permitted to delete bone fide spam, not other posts which are considered inappropriate for one reason or another.

    From time to time you waiver from that to discuss the wider issues which BDB covers very well and are genunine points.  However, I think that these are a thin veil for your true agenda.

    They aren't allowed to touch your posts.  Get over it.  This forum really is not all about you.


  • I'm reading your posts kk and it seems to boil down to you don't like the moderators. Or spam Wombles. What's the issue ? Apart from it not being you ?
  • M..ouse image ditto image

    haven't "seen" you for ages! Hope all is well with you.


  • goldbeetlegoldbeetle ✭✭✭

    I like Spam Womble that sounds a lot nicer

  • PhilPubPhilPub ✭✭✭

    A spam womble... lancing offending posts with a spam javelin...

  • I was about to post: Spam Womble - best title, ever! image
  • but neither do Iimage...or are you just skim reading again........apart from spam............or are you counting spam........i'm confused

  • goldbeetle wrote (see)

    I like Spam Womble that sounds a lot nicer

    yeah... I think that's fab.

    I've done all sorts of voluntary work over the years. If people are happy to do it it's fine by me.image

     I don't *think* RW is locking anyone in a dimly lit room and forcing them to scour the internet until their fingers bleed.


  • she said reporting Spam............and i think this has been said a number of times.........but you keep going on about reporting threads...........i report spam.............never threads or posts.......( apart from once stated).( just to clarify for the jeremy kyle lie detector) stop worrying that the mods have been chosen as they go around the forums reporting anyone who says the F word or anyone who says something they don't like..................we were asked as we report spam...........and so now instead of reporting spam.we womble away the spam...........

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