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I know this is going to sound bizarre but here goes !!image   Did Edinburgh marathon three weeks ago felt fine, travelling home the day after I developed what I can only describe as a vibrating noise in my head, this went after a few days, but keeps coming back every time I go for a long run. I do listen to music when I run but have the volume low and don't listen to it all the time so don't think it would be tinnitus. Did 10 miles yesterday and my head is driving me crazy today feels like someone has parked there car in my head and left the engine running. I did London in April and was fine. Any suggestions before I head to the docs only for him to prob say well don't run then image


  • ooimage forgot to say thanks on the end ! how rude !

  • Hi Paula,

    I have a few questions.....

    When the sound is there can you make it stop or disrupt it in anyway?

    Does it only happen after running?

    Is it always the one sound or could it be different sounds?

    One ear or both ears?

    Is your hearing affected during the time that its there?
  • No can't make it stop. It's always the same dull vibrating noise it will go prob tomorrow then will return when I go for another long run. It's in both ears.

  • In that case it is probably some form of tinnitus which may be exercise induced. Get your GP to refer you to audiology / ent.

    Where abouts in the country are you?
  • Firstly do not worry. I have over the years had all sorts of unexplained aches twinges numb feelings during and after running. My last one was in my right ear that would feel blocked during fast runs or races. It doesnt now. Often as we push ourselves the body reacts and then slowly conditions itself.

    Do go to the doctor though but be prepared for it to dissapear of its own accord.

  • Thanks for the advice

    Forty-44 I live Derby area
  • As Stephen says, probably nothing to worry about but I'd mention it to the GP and ask for an ENT referral.
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