Asics Nimbus 14

Can anyone help ?

I've always had the Nimbus without any problems until the 13's, when I started getting some niggles. Having read some reviews it seems others have had the same problems.

I was wondering if anyone has got themselves a pair of the 14's who had issues with the 13's and if Asics have sorted the problems out and the Nimbus are back to how they were with the 12's etc.



  • Sometimes people develop niggles.

    Whatever shoe they're wearing at the time often gets the blame.

    By doing that, people could be missing what has actually really caused the problem.

    No doubt some people have developed problems when they happen to be running in the Nimbus 13.

    Asics would have sold 10's of thousands of pairs of that model in the UK alone and 100's of thousands of pairs globally.

    Until there are more than "some reviews" from people not getting on with the shoe, I doubt that there was any problems with that model that Asics thought needed to be sorted!

  • The 14's feel a little less stiff than the 13's and a bit wider, the cushioning also feels incredibly soft but I can't remember how soft my 13's felt when they were new. Whereas the 11's felt made to measure for me the 13's and 14's both feel like I'm wearing someone elses shoes, so I switched to the DS trainer 17, which so far has proved very comfortable. Asics told me to try the Cumulus if I wasn't happy with how the 14's felt.

  • Thanks Simon
  • Been in Nimbus since 2005 when I think the ASIC 8/9's were out. They were a brilliant shoe, very comfortable and robust.

    When the 10's came out I couldn't wear them as they were a lot narrower & the side lacing was uncomfortable so I had to buy 9's from the US.

    I had problems with the 12's Developing holes on the inside heal areas after only a couple of weeks- Asics sent me replacements but they were all the same.

    I'm now into the 13's and 14's & they are definitely making them that bit tighter in the toe box & also much much softer. I run approx 70miles per week & I'm getting through 2pairs every 2months (I alternate to save them but not helping).!!!!

    The old nimbus 9's would have lasted me 6months alternating 2 pairs!!!!! In fact some of my old 9's that I still have look a lot fresher than my 14s that I have only been in for 2weeks!!!!

    I have been getting more injuries lately in the foot/heal & Achilles areas which had never been problem before.

    Think Asics need to go back to modeling the nimbus on the older versions, many of my athlete friends agree.

    They are making the cushioning far to soft & so the midsole is not lasting anytime.

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  • Not really answering the question but earlier this year I bought a pair of Cumulus which were the exact same model and size as a pair I had already.

    After getting black toenails on a long run, I lined them up and lo! the new pair were shorter. So I bought a 3rd pair size 42 rather than 41.5 and only use the 2nd 41.5 pair for shorter runs now.

    So perhaps they have got some sort of production problem or...?

  • Kerry & fido

    Interesting to read your views. I've tried to find shops that stock the wider versions, but no such luck.

    Running in Brooks ghost now which seem to be doing the job but obviously not as cushioned
  • Just had my first run in Asics Nimbus 14, where has all the cushioning gone? They felt like my 13s did after 500 miles. I was shocked.

  • I'm currently training for the Leiden Marathon on 26th May and all the miles have been done in Nimbus 14's. To be honest I should have changed them a few weeks ago anyway due to mileage, but I have to say these are the worst cushioned Nimbus trainer I've ever had.

    I've started to develop some achilles issues with these shoes and believe this is linked to the lack of cushioning. I've just been out in a pair of 12's that have probably done 700 miles and there is far more cushioning left in those. Really think I need a new pair buit reluctant to buy another pair of 14's. Might use my 12's for the Marathon though as it's only a week away and probably not the best time for new shoes.

    Anyone have any good alternatives to Nimbus? FYI when I had my gait analysis done they said I had the most neutral running style they'd ever seen. Cheers CB 

  • Currybelly I'm now using the brooks ghost and haven't looked back. They have done away with a lot of lower leg problems I had when in the nimbus. Hardly any cushioning compared to the nimbus but maybe thats what was causing the problem for me. Well worth a look

  • Similar story for me....about 550k on a pair of nimbus 12's.....faultless, no injuries...they were brilliant.

    When the time came to change I went for Nimbus 14's... and they were terrible....calf injuries, didn't feel good at all......sent them back.....opted for a pair of Kinsei 4's but am still not happy....both feel less cushioned, tighter

  • STIG109/MF, Thanks for your posts. Really not sure what to do for Sunday but does seem to be that the 14's are very much hit and miss. Cheers CB

  • Just make sure you are over pronators and wider feet to buy Nimbus 14, otherwise a painful experience.

  • Well I ran the Leiden Marathon (in a gale) in brand new Asics Nimbus 14's and got my GFA at 3:10. I now have several blood blisters and a lifting toe-nail but my achilles stood the test of time!! Small price to pay I think. Only my second marathon and 7 years since my first and was on death's door the day before. Dosed up on Sinutab and Nurofen the day went without a hitch. The support and on-course facilities (sports drinks/bananas/crowd) at Leiden were brilliant and I would highly recommend this race to anyone. Now lying on a beach in Spain dipping my toes in the water to take down the swelling. Oh, and enjoying the odd glass of vino blanco!! Cheers CB

  • I wish i hadn't read this! I'd worn Nimbus for a good 10 years, but in September i changed to Sky Speed 2s, i've had issues with calves ever since, little niggles and pulls, so at the weekend i bit the bullet and bought some Nimbus again - the 14s, now i'm hoping i'm ok with them, but this forum is making me wonder... they arrived today, watch this space, i'll report back in a week or two !


  • swcoach, I'd say there are far more people out there who rate the 14's than have had problems so fingers crossed you'll be OK. Will be interested to here how you get on.

  • Hi Curlybelly,

    Just an early update, i went out in them for a 5km run on Friday and did a 22min 5km without any calf issues at all, then this morning, i ran a 10mile training run, which was 3mins outside my PB and again no problems at all, i ache now but thats an all over ache.

    My initial view is NImbus 44 are excellent!!


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