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Hi folks,

Its a quick question for those of you with GPS watches,

I require a watch that will give me the follwing data; as I am running (usually marathons) it tells me given the speed I am running at, what my predicted finish time will be?


I have viewed several watches inclusing the Nike Sportwatch and Iron man, and the Forerunnerm, but I cant seem to see if this function exists?


Any help greatly appreciated




  • The closest mine (Garmin 405) will get to what you want (as far as I know!) is to tell me the average pace for the run so far.

    From that you can work out what your finish time will be if you maintain that pace.

    It will also tell me the current pace, but that jumps around like crazy, so I never use that one. 

    I have it show average pace for the current lap, and average pace for the run so far on one screen, and distance and elapsed time on another, with HR on the third (when I remember to put the strap on).

  • booktrunkbooktrunk ✭✭✭
    I have the total time, total distance, estimated lap time, and heart rate, all on the front screen and that's all I use,

    You can set a virtual partner on one screen this you set a total time, and average time per km or mile. So, if you set him to finish in x time it will show you how far you are ahead or behind this virtual partner , not quite what you want but useful.

    Garmin 610

  • Yes, the virtual partner is probably the closest way to telling you estimated finish time. Not available on all forerunners so be careful when choosing if its what you want. Other than that average pace is the best you can do. If you can't do the maths in your head whilst running then you have 2 options - only run easy to work out distances like 10k or 10 miles, or print out a little band/write on your arm a little list of pace and finish times.

  • Work out your required average pace based on your goal time and compare that as you go against the average pace given by manually lapping for each mile/k, then multiply difference by miles/ks to go.

    Virtual partner risky given the gps error - even 1% over a marathon is +/- 400m approx - so you could be a minute or two out easily enough.

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