Broken glass 310xt

Hi all, Unfortunately I have had a bike accident tonight which has resulted in the screen of my Garmin 310xt to break. I am absolutely gutted as I tried to protect this in the fall but it's the only thing to suffer any damage. Has anyone experienced this issue before and is there nominal fee to get it repaired? Thanks in advance,


  • I have just spoken to Garmin about the shattered screen and they will replace for ??75.
  • £75 to replace the screen or replacement watch? I chipped the glass on mine and was told by garmin they dont repair but just replace complete watch. Never got round to doing it but i think they quoted me £105?

  • +1 for what Madlot said.image

    My 310 fell off the counter when I was showering and hit a tiled floor, with a resulting big crack down the face.  Garmin wanted over £100 to replace it with a reconditioned unit, and I decided to put a big piece of sellotape over the face so I can run with it in the rain.

    I guess if I was a triathlete I might have bothered, but I don't swim with my Garmin on, so couldn't be bothered to spend the money.......


    Edited to add that my accident was about 18 months ago, so Garmin may have changed their policy or their prices since then.....

  • You can get special screen protectors. I'm not saying you should have had them, but they may be useful if you decide to just carry on with it - may stop rain getting in.

  • Thank you for all your comments. Garmin quoted me £75 to replace the watch as they said they don't offer repairs. Unfortunately the watch shattered from the corner which means you cannot see half the screen so a replacement is a must. I will definetely be looking at screen protectors so thanks for the heads up.

  • £75 is good then. Its come down.

  • £78.30 garmin are quoting now. not bad

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