Prosthetics with Insoles ?

I have orthotics made up my my podiatrist a few years ago. They are carbon fibre so lasting well (me not so). I have tried using them with standard insoles in my Brooks Glycerin but they don't work. I did try using flat insoles over the top (red) but it didn't work either. Last effort could be to put the flat shock absorber insoles then prosthetics but the latter really jar.

What do other users do ? Do they just use the orthotics, use the insole with the trainer or swap it out ?


  • lol. Just noticed title....should read orthotics of course image

  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    You take out the flimsy piece of rubbish that comes with the shoe and replace it with the orthotic. A long while back, ASICS used to have an insole that had a proper arch support but now have just the usual flat thing. Personally I use the insole from a pair of  trail running shoes. They are made of rubber but have a good arch support. I had some orthotics once but they were just too solid. Actually, when you think about the way orthotics work, they are just stopping the way your feet work by getting in the way. 

  • I too have carbon fibre ones and just use the shoe insoles with no problems!
  • Thanks. The Brooks insoles tend to be fairly good and replacing with a 1/2 carbon fibre leaves the stitching etc exposed and removed a good amount of cushioning.

    Putting both in doesnt work as they both have arch support and it ends up not being able to get the feet into the position the orthotic is built for.

    I suspect a flat insole below the cf orthotic may be the way ahead.

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