The beginning of the thank yous...



  • Goblin Princess wrote (see)
    List Fairy has kindly been in touch about a top so thank you! I'm definitely keen provided I don't get lynched for wearing it before I even reach the start line of a triathlon!

    If Outlaw is your very first tri then you are definitely qualitied to wear the yellow and black. Jumping straight in at iron distance is the true Pirate way image

  • GP - call me Schmunks/Muckee/Schmucks/Schmunkee image

    I ahve seen your reply and I will post it tomorrow

  • List Fairy to the rescue!!!

    call me:

    • Schmunks
    • Muckee
    • Schmucks
    • Schmunkee
    • Thorntons Delivery
    • to bed if you are hunky



  • Haha - noted!

    Thanks Schmunks.
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