First carbon bike


I am about buy my first carbon bike, which I would want to put clip on tri bars on, and want to spend around £1200. I am thinking of a Jamis Xenith Comp 2012 down from £1600 to £1200 at Evans or a Boardman Team carbon about £1200. I can't decide which to go for; and are there any other out there to consider?




  • Not read any reviews on the Jamis, but the Boardman gets excellent ones. 

    Service at Halfords can be a bit hit and miss, but then again - LBS can be pants too. 

  • Marc, planet X are also well regarded

    I'm a happy owner of a Boardman, but a note of caution on fitting tri-bars.  The handlebars on my bike have a larger diameter where they clamp on to the front forks and then taper (like these), which means a regular clip on bars can't be used.  I got round it by having some sleeves machined, but something to consider...

  • Fe Fe - you mean the centre bulge for the stem extends out too far ?  Do you have one piece bars or two separate arms ?  I like the machining idea - but theres usually other ways round it. 

  • I have a one piece tri-bar and the clamps come down exactly in the middle of the tapering bit, the sleeves effectively maintain a constant diameter for the clamps to fasten onto the bars.

  • Ah right - I see. Yeah that can be tricky to fit then. 


    looks good value. full carbon with SRAM Red. And with the money you save, you could buy some cheapo carbon rims from ebay to make the whole package look hot.... circa £250.

  • love my planet x even though its near the bottom of the range.........and I had mine at bristol and had a free bike fitting there and it made a huge difference.........very little saddle soreness ever from it....recent long bike ride didn't leave a single chaff or pain in th esaddle area.............hopefully will get a new one later on in the yearimage

  • Another vote for the Planet X, loved my first one till it was nicked and i'm soooo happy that the sram red offer came out have just ordered my replacement from there.

  • Px for me to got the stealth and was so impresses brought a team pro sl frameset for my roadbike
  • You can get a half price Retul bike fit when you buy a PX too.
  • I'm SO tempted by that SRAM Red offer...

  • I only went for the normal bike firt as iot was free with the bike.......but if i was a better rider i woulkd go for the full monty............

  • Recently spent £1200 on a Dolan Ares. They were open to negotiation on last years models and it  like a good deal. Certainly feels like a brilliant bike

    Went to the HQ in Lancashire and service was excellent. Basic bike fit beforehand  to check on frame size. Full bike fit after.

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