Running... Best diet?

Hi Everyone,

I am getting pretty good at running short distances, I can run 2 miles in about 22 minutes which is a big acheivement for me. But I feel my diet isnt catered towards running and I keep telling myself if I want to run properly and take it seriously, I should take my diet more seriously too.

I am training to run the Great South Run in October, in Memory of my dear Grandad and I just feel like I could be fuelling myself much better for training, do you have any tips on diet/best things to eat etc?

Thank you x


  • Put more emphasis on building up the mileage (slowly) than speed.  So long as you can run about 7 miles fairly comfortably, you'll manage the 10 miles on the day.    My wife is doing this race as well.  

    My suggestion for diet would be to look for a sustainable improvement, rather than expect to flick a switch and improve it suddenly.  A small change that sticks counts and is really quite impressive.

    It's nice that you're doing something positive with your life as a tribute to your Grandad.  I'm sure he would be proud.

  • What's your eating like at the moment?  It's difficult to give advice on diet without knowing what you're currently eating and drinking.  For the sort of distance you're aiming at I'd just concentrate on upping the miles, as has already been said.  I try and  remember to have a snack 1 or 2 hours before I run and keep myself hydrated.  If you run first thing in the morning then I'd have the snack before going to bed.  I tend to eat a banana or something like that.  I try and eat something as soon as I've finished running too (I like a yoghurt or a piece of fruit with a glass of water or squash) then I can get showered, changed and eat a proper meal without feeling famished.  I also plan treats into my week - a runner's diet doens't have to be all pasta and steamed veg!  But if you're watching your weight be careful that you don't eat back all the calories you run off!    

    Good luck with the race - it's special to run for someone, it gives you that extra bit of motivation.   

  • Guess it depends on what you're eating now, and what you'd be up for changing - I've been a vegetarian for years, but I recently started eating mostly raw food - lots of lovely salads and such. Definitely made a big increase in my energy levels and I reckon my running too, but also means I don't get as lethargic in the long afternoons at work. Considering whether vegan might be the way to go in the future.

    Good luck with training for the race - sounds like it's going to be a special experience for you.

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