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Harness advice needed for our boisterous spotty dog

We have an energetic, gorgeous dalmatian. He is in need of a new harness as his old one has a wire sticking out which doesn't hurt the lovely Oliie but is tearing our clothes to bits every time our soppy pup comes up for a hug.

Ollie will be walked by his owner (who is over 70) and come running with me, it'd be ideal if we could have a harness he could wear for both.

His owner would prefer it if the harness was not one that Ollie has to step into (I don't know why, Ollie is actually very well behaved and stands still for his harness to be put on.)

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated


  • a halti may be a good alternative to a harness, although I'm not sure how running with a halti would go!

  • Thank you Vic, I really appreciate you taking the time to answer. I showed them to Ollies owner he is stubbornly clinging to the harness idea image 

  • Hi SOLB, if you do a google search for 'canicross harness' you will find plenty of options. Hope it help image
  • Thanks so much Luke, I've sent some info to Ollie's owner. Really hope this one gets the seal of approval, it looks great image 

  • Glad to helpimage
  • RedjeepRedjeep ✭✭✭

    I ran today for the first time with my dog in a harness. I've ran with him a few times in the past 6 or 8 weeks, but always just used a lead attached to his collar.

    I just used a 'standard' harness that we had for him, it wasn't specifically bought as a running harness, but it made a huge difference. It's just a 'step in' harness that clips together around his back, and as I said, was originally bought to walk him in, so I'm not sure I'd worry about getting any special harness.

    For reference, my dog is a collie/ setter cross, so probably about the same size as a dalmatian.

    He'd always pulled a lot  on the lead when using the collar, but when he was in the harness, he settled slightly infront of me and to my right and for most of the 10km run, the lead was pretty slack. He did get a bit excited when he saw other people out walking, and when he saw another dog, but was easier to control.

    I've also been using a homemade lead, that's about 7feet long, but typically hold a loop in my right hand. I think I'll shorten it and attach it to my running belt the next time we're out.


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