Been poorly and now frustrated

Hi I've not managed to follow my couch to 5k plan for two weeks due to having a cold and chesty cough. Prior to that I'd been really pleased to achieve 5 weeks worth of training. Trying to go back to where I left off today I failed dismally, ended up with severe stitch and a poorly leg and had to walk the majority of the route. How many weeks should I rewind my plan by (I.e should I go back to week 3 of training). What do I do to overcome the stitch? Don't want to give up and very determined to do this but help please.


  • mathschickmathschick ✭✭✭


    go back to where you feel you could comfortably pick up - try week 3 but if that feels too hard go to week 2. Don't feel that you have gone backwards - being ill for 2 weeks can take it out of you and you need to start back slowly

    stitch - I have never had trouble with it, but maybe you need to go slowly. had you eaten or drunk anything different?

    Also, it is a lot warmer today than it was 2 weeks ago (where I live anyway) and it is always harder in the heat, I struggled this afternoon

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