First tri - rainy

My first tri is on Sunday (City of Bath Sprint), and weather is looking shite.  Is the best thing to use 2 plastic bags, one for T1 one for T2?  I know I'll get soaked anyway, but it's gotta be best to at least start off in dry bike & running shoes.


  • I use one of those cheap plastic boxes with a lid from Wilkinsons ( or retailers are available ).

  • make sure the box isn't too big or they might ask you to remove it.that happened to me at one tri........i have a smaller box nowimage

  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭

    I use a large sports holdall to carry my kit and if it's raining stick it in a big plastic bag.

    boxes are 'mares to manhandle with a bike imho even if they are perhaps drier (until you take the lid off....)

  • my first tri was a few weeks back. rang the events company and they said a plastic box w/lid was fine as transisition crate as long as it wasnt the size of a house.

    i thought it was ace as all my kit was in the same place etc. but when my arms were tired after the event, lugging wetsuit and bike and crate back to the car was a bl**dy pain!

    have purchased an "aquasphere deck bag" from amazon for travelling wetsuit etc about, i flipped it over my handlebars after event to go back to car and very nearly got it caught in the front wheel, not ideal for expensive equipment image

    am v tempted by a s3xy TYR transistion rucksack. which i will just put in a bin bag if its raining.

  • Love the rucksack - unfortunately I watched the video before checking the price!!!

    Think I'll just use a Tesco shopping bag for my first Oly tri next month - perhaps upside down if its raining. Is that just so un-cool that I'll be DQ'd for using crappy unblingy equipment?


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