Spikes for Flatfooted Sprinters

My son recentyly joined a Blackpool based athletics club.  He is a short distance runner and was initially having a lot of problems with pulls and strains as he is very flat footed.  The NHS are now very kindly making him some insoles for trainer and shoes that will help him.  However the spikes we bought him and all the ones I have ssn to date offer very little actual support and will not accomodate the insoles.

Is there such a thing as "Support Spikes" or even "harder soled" spikes that we could replace his spikes with?

Any advice will be greatfully recieved as he is loving the sport and I want to encourage him all I can and give him the chance to get the most out of it as it has already done wonders for his confidence as he is a dyslexic and ADHD teenager (not that either affect his running image)

Thank you Phil. 


  • You can put either orthotics or insoles into spikes. Orthotics for spikes usually have to be purpose fitted to the shoe, meaning their sole use will be for running when wearing spikes. Any sports orientated podiatrist should be able to do this, but unlikely you'd get this on the NHS. Cost varies depending on what support is needed - flat feet aren't as hard to remedy as high arches (you can lift the foot up but you can't force it down). Insoles can also be adapted/cut to fit, and this would be a cheaper option. A valgus pad (arch cushion) properly fitted to an insole might offer all the help you need - again you'd be best to get a podiatrist to do this. Both these solutions are more practical than trying to find spikes with inbuilt modifications.

  • RMcd,

    Thank you for you advice.  We have an appointment with his podiatrist next week so will give it a punt with him.

    thank you agian, Phil

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