How often should i run

I am really geting into this running (Slow Jogging) lark. I am currenlty doing the couch to 10K programme. According to the program i should only run 3 days a week which i am doing but i find i am missing it during my rest days. Would i do myself any harm if i ran 4 or 5 days a week, i.e not having a break of a day between some sessions.


  • If you're missing it on the rest days then you're doing it right.  Much better that way around than dreading it on the training days. 

    Others on here will know better on the training - but I find three times a week works well for me.  The session after a two day break is usually the best, so the rest days are clearly doing something good!   Perhaps try a long walk on one of your rest days if you're getting restless?


  • Hi Derek,

    The rest days are important, particularly when you're just starting out, so you don't get injured doing too much too soon. Sometimes new runners get all enthusiatic (which is great image) but then do more than their body's ready for yet and can end up sidelined for weeks or even months with an injury. 

    As ADS says, you can do other forms of exercise on your rest days, like long walks or cycling perhaps.

    Good luck with the running and I hope you continue to enjoy it! image

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  • Cara HCara H ✭✭✭

    When I started C25k I was similar, and the first week's runs I did over 4 days. After a couple of weeks I was running every other day, and so getting through the weeks a little faster than planned. However, once the runs got longer and I had to learn to pace myself a little, I dropped back to 3 times a week. I'm re-doing bridge to 10k at the moment and due to work, there are days when running isn't possible. Last week I ran 6.5km on 2 consecutive days. The second day was a struggle and my knees and right hip ached for 2 days afterwards. Work and family enforced a 4 day break and I ran today. 7.5km and felt much better. Struggled for the last km or so, but I really feel the few days rest has done me the world of good.

  • Thanks for the replies and great advice. I'll have to get the playstation out on my rest days so image

  • i run every other day. 3 days one week 4 days the next. works perfectly for me.tho am gonna start long days next month, so will have to change....

  • Yes, rest is important, it's then that your body build up and recovered.  It's ok to cross-train though as you're using different muscles.  I defnitely need a day off after a long run and also after anything speed-related, but I still walk lots on my rest days and sometimes swim.

  • I found 4 days a week at first to be about right, I now go for 5 but I am in training.

    I think 4 is about right but of course everyone is different!
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