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<span class="125312412-20062012">Hi everyone,   <span class="125312412-20062012">I'm a complete beginner with triathlons, i haven't actually done one but have decided to give it ago.  I'm a runner & to be honest i'm bored of running all the time (i get bored too easily) so fancied trying a triathlon as i enjoy the bike although i have to improve on my swimming.....big time.   <span class="125312412-20062012">Anyway, my question is - does anyone train early mornings?  I'm talking between 5am-6am.  I work full time & doing a part time diploma so spend my evenings on my coursework so need to get out in the mornings.  I just wondering if anyone else does this & if you cycle one day, run the next etc?   <span class="125312412-20062012">Thanks everyone, just trying to get my head around the training side of things.


  • Hi Louise! Triathlon training is much more fun than just running image Have you picked your first event yet?

    In answer to your question, yeah, I train several mornings a week starting at 5am,  it's a fantastic way to start the day, especially at this time of year.

    It's the only way to fit in enough sessions, work full time and have two small kids, oh and lunchtime training helps too.

    I tend to try to roughly alternate days between cycling and running, but don't follow it exactly.

    If I'm doing more than one session in a day, I don't tend to repeat the same sport in the same day, for example, if I cycle first thing, then I would run or swim later in the day, but wouldn't generally cycle again that same day.

    Hope this helps

  • Yes, I train early mornings. Lots of advantages - it fits into the day with the family better - I can train and it doesn't really affect them, other than that my little girl sometimes complains I am sweaty when I wake her up for school. There isn't usually other stuff going on to get in the way of the training and discourage me from going out. The roads are quieter. You get to see some beautiful sunrises (though you'd have to be pretty early at the moment).

    The disadvantages are - it take me a while to get up to speed. Sometimes a bit hard to get out of bed and out of the door on a cold, wet, dark winter morning. I tend to end up doing more running and less cycling, as it's hard to get a long enough bike session in without going at ridiculous times. 

  • I do a few sessions early in the mornings - particular swimming where I get it done long before work. One thing I've learnt is to get any kit ready (and/or packed) the night before - when struggling to get out of bed it removes one more excuse! And also allows for a quicker start if time is tight...

  • mathschickmathschick ✭✭✭

    I do most of my training early mornings, though it tends to be mainly running, for some reason I find it harder to get out of bed for the bike....and the pool isn't open at the that time. I tend to be out of the door about 4:45, gives me until 6. Get your kit ready the night before (i leave mine in the bathroom so I don't wake anyone) set alarm, get out of bed straight away and off I go. Like bburn plodder, if I am doing 2 sessions the same day they are different, so run in the morning and swim in the evening.

    my training isn't very structured

    join us over on the stupid o'clock thread - there are a whole bunch of us on there that get up early mornings

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