Casual Running Groups in Rugby

Hi, I'm looking to get back into running again in Rugby but have recently moved here so am struggling to find running partners.

My fitness levels are not what they used to be so I'm basically starting from scratch but would like to find a group of people that like to go for a run after work during the week. This would stop me from making excuses every day as to why I 'can't' go for a run!

Does anyone know anyone in the Rugby area?



  • Hi Vicky,

    I'm in Rugby too! image Some lovely routes around here - try the Central Walk and the footpaths around the canal!

    Pop into the local club (by the Ken Marriott leisure centure) on a Tuesday at about 6. There's a ladies running club that are building up to 5k. I don't think they're officially part of the club so I'm not sure whether you'd have to pay membership. Ask for Ruth Waugh - she's really helpful and should be able to point you in the right direction!

    Alternatively you could pop me a PM and you could come for a run with me and a friend who I'm taking through her C25k again as she's had a few months off!

  • Hiya! Thanks for your quick reply - I honestly didn't expect to get any response!

    I've actually seen the running club's site and emailed Ruth but they meet on saturday mornings which aren't any good to me. I like to go after work on a week day evening usually. Plus I was looking for something a little more informal lol! I myself have had a few months off - no excuse or reason, just lazyness lol! And some recent pictures made me re-think and book up my ideas!

    Where abouts it the Central Walk? I live in Bilton and don't know very many places to running really. Where do you usually go?

  • I have recently moved here(rugby) from milk n beanz and looking for people to run with aswell.

  • I've been living in Rugby for about 5 years now and haven't got around to joining a running club.  I get the impression that the athletics club website and from the groups I see running round the town that it has a massive ladies' running club but not many male runners.  I'm about to contact them to see if there is anything for male runners at present but if that comes to nothing then I have thought it might be an idea to set up a local running club as Rugby seems to be a fairly large place not to have one...

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