Merlin Festival Half Marathon

Welsh AlexWelsh Alex ✭✭✭

Same day as the MP10k but since I have done that far too many times maybe time for a change.

Looking forward top seeing the route when its published.

Anyone else thinking of giving this a rip ?


  • legend777legend777 ✭✭✭

    Yes. Definitely considering this one. Profile according to runners world is "undulating" - anyone know the extent of the inclines involved. On the website, it does mention a "tough climb" up Rhyw Babell but not being from the area, I have no idea how tough they mean.

    Sounds good though and hopefully it'll be a success and another regular on the race calender.

  • Welsh AlexWelsh Alex ✭✭✭

    Well I have entered anyway. Still no route but I am sure I will manage. Hopefully there will be a route on the website soon.

    As you say 777, good for the area and all that image

  • I'm considering this one too, I was concerned about a half in the middle of summer... but judging from the weather so far, I don't think heat/ sun burn will be an issue!

  • I'm doing this. The better half works on the streets of Carmarthen (she is a Police officer before you ask image) and says she thinks it will be very challenging whatever the course with Rhyw Babell indeed being a 'tough climb'. So probably not a PB course but in my case good practice for New Forest Marathon...

  • I've only done half before and with Cardiff coming up I'm tempted for this.  Esp if it's a tough one as it'll give me some tough miles in the legs.  Or might put me off halfs then i'll struggle in cardiff.


  • I live near Carmarthen. The course should have great potential and I'm looking forward to this event. I have no idea of where the course is going but it's bound to have a good amount in town.

    Mark, don't worry about the Cardiff half. That course is very flat and pretty fast. The Carmarthen half will be a completely different experience. It's all about having fun.
  • It will be a Town centre Start and Finish at St Catherine’s Walk shopping Center with runners taking in some of the major landmarks and scenic countryside of Carmarthen. 

    Runners will start by completing a loop around the historic streets of Carmarthen passing the old Castle walls, Knott’s Square and the Guildhall.

     The runners will then head out of Carmarthen Town, past Picton Monument and through the village of Johnstown before joining the new cycle path that will bring runners back towards Town. A loop around the century old outdoor cycling velodrome and Carmarthen Park will be followed by runners crossing the Tywi river and towards the Community of Llangunnor. A tough climb up Rhyw Babell will be a key feature of this race as we look to create a ‘Tour De France’ style reception for the runners as they head up the hill before enjoying a nice descent back towards Carmarthen Town. 
  • Hi Mattoo, Thanks for your post.

    Not entered a half marathon before but excited for this one.

    Is it generally flat apart from that one big hill?


  • Welsh AlexWelsh Alex ✭✭✭

    " Tour De France sytle reception " image

  • I don't think so Sanna, undulating it says on the website image

    As long as " Tour De France sytle reception " doesn't consist of drunken idiots jumping out of the crowd and running as close as possible alongside you waving flags will be ok image

  • Just got an entry for this from a kind work colleague, so will be doing this now image good prep for Snowdon.

    Mattoo - thanks for the race description.

    WA - see you there! I'll need both pie & cake by the end of this one - sounds a toughie!

  • I know the area and it will be undulating but not too much of a 'toughie'. The route to / from Johnstown is a fairly gradual incline. Carmarthen town centre has a couple of hills (Llamas Street and Guildhall) but are short.

    Rhyw Babel is a steep climb but not overly long (0.5m max - it is the road behind ATS which loops around the steeper Roman Road), but will sort the 'men out from the boys'.

    It's great to have another local HM - Hope it goes well - Good luck all.

  • Just got this link from the organisers - will try and check out the route over this weekend and keep you posted!


  • Dont suppose anyone from Llanelli can offer a lift?

  • Good luck all!!

  • Great race! well organised and I love the little momentum that I received.


  • How was the Rhyw Babell hill and the race overall?

  • Kev, I did enjoy. It was a nice day out. I went the wrong way but apparently (following an investigation) it was my fault.

  • Oh and the hill was nowhere near as bad as I thought it might be.

  • Alex, how on earth can it be all your fault! I have never know a runner who pays good money to enter a race who intentionally goes the wrong way. Runners do have a responsibility for their safety etc for sure, but surely organisers must share that responsibility by ensuring adequate marshalling and signage is not compromised against profit. I know these things happen and no one for one minute thinks that these things won't occur, it would be niave to think otherwise but surely to say it was your fault is just as niave on their part. They must surely at least regonise that this happend and ensure the same thing does not happen next year. You would think they must have a post race brief to review elements of the race (what went well, what didn't and what can be improved upon). It's ok to take the good comments but we all in life must also accept sometimes the things perhaps we don't like.
  • Cheers Paul.

    I think I'll enter the lottery today. It could be me image

  • Alex, I agree with Paul. I mean it's not as if you (and Nutty!) haven't entered enough races that you don't know what to do.

    Shame, hope they sort it out for next year and offer you free entry.

  • Hmmmmm.

  • The event and all its ratings have dissapeared off RW. How odd.

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