Great Yarmouth Road Runners East Coast Marathon 2012

Thinking of an autumn Marathon, after running London and Edinburgh  during April/ May.

This could be a Marathon for a quick time , Wanted to do Abigdon , but that is full, then looked at Liverpool, cant afford Amsterdam, but have now found this. 500 maximum  field  so no real problems



  • Yes indeed, Iive local and this will be only my second marathon as i was disappointed with my first marathon time and this is local to me its too much of a temptation not to do it. Great yarmouth is flat...... very flat so should be a quick course and its always nice by the sea. If you want a PB this could well be the marathon to do.

  • yes have booked 1 nights accomodation  for the saturday for this , want to hit a new pb on this course.

    will travel up from milton keynes .



  • Sounds good what is your PB? I have only ever done one marathon and that was brighton this year so not sure on what the field would be like for a smaller marathon?


  • Hi   Andrew

    only done 3 Marathons myself the first was last year at London, completed this in 3.26.07 hrs , this year i did London  again in 3.31.12 hrs and 5 weeks later Edinburgh in 3.39,40 , was on for a sub 3.20 at Edinburgh at half way point , but blew up in the heat and had badly blistered left foot after mile 16.

    Didnt run my first Marathon  until the age of 46, so quite happy with times , but still want better.

  • was thinking of doing the next part of cheddar gorge full marathon after doing the half, decided to put my name down for this one instead, looks easy, until i saw its 3 laps. so more of a fight with the mind game because u know what comes next after the first lap lol. good if the wind is having a day off, because it looks very open to elements. bonus side family can watch from both sides of the race circut while eating candy floss while riding on the pleasure beach, is most things still open to the public ?

  • i know the course as i work in yarmouth , definelty a PB course , pancake flat but knowing yarmouth as i do you could end up running into  a gale for half the race as the weather is so unpredictable , im still hoping for a PB myself though 

  • Looking forward to this race. Ran my first marathon two years ago, London and hot the wall on 18 miles. Want to have a good race but doing Loch Ness the end of Sept. I know it's close to Yarmouth but couldn't resist. Shat do you think people?
  • Well just signed up.  Lets hope its not windy image

  • Hmm, quiet thread this one image

    Hows everyones training going?  A

    After some hard weeks with achillies problems where I could only train onece a week for a month I am now back to 6/7 days training, though had a couple off for a half marathon this week (finished at the top end of my expectations which was good).  I was doing quite a lot of cycling when I had the achillies problem so maintained what fitness I could. 

    My bike was stolen last week which coincided with me being able to run everyday, I guess I was fortunate that it wasn't when I was using it a lot.

    Well I will be doing a couple of weeks really hard training, should be around 60 miles and then taper for the race - fingers crossed all  my parts hold together, always touch and go at this stage!

  • training going well , half marathon 3 weeks ago in 1 hr 28 and also 20 mile leg of the round norfolk relay last sunday in 2 hrs 20 , 22 mile run yesterday in 2hrs 53 felt strong all the way , so all good so far , bring it on


  • Just under 14 miles today, not as fast as it should have been (supposed to be marathon pace) but it was probably a bit of an ambitious run after a half race at the weekend, so I guess I should be pleased really.

    I have very sore knees (have been for several months) found a blog, running-physio which seems to be informative and trying see how what they say goes, seems sensible at the mo.

  • 6 miles today, started out well but legs were pretty heavy at the end.  Knees were better than they have been for sometime, so thats good.

    Intervals tomorrow image  - up and down the Mall.

  • Looks like I'm not going to get this thread fired up image

    Well training going pretty well (makes a nice change) did 24 miles on Saturday and my last hard run yesterday, 14 miles at marathon pace.  Had a bit of a cold early in the week but that seems to have passed, so fingers crossed.

    20 miles this weekend left to do and a few speed sessions next week then were done.  Need to stock up with the gels too.

  • Another lonely update. image

    20 miles went well on Saturday, well into taper now.  Did 8.5 miles fast yesterday and went really well, fastest I have been since this time last year so things are looking good for a similar time hopefully.  Rest day today. Doing intervals tomorrow (note to self don't get carried away!) and rest day on Friday.

    Starting to think about carbo-loading and stopped drinking on Sunday image

  • did my last long run last sunday 18 miles including last 5 miles at sub marathon pace , 7.19 7.12 7.04 7.02 and 7.04 felt good , hoping for sub 3hrs 15 at yarmouth but all dependant on the weather


  • offshore treadmill was going well until we had bad weather for a week, did get two half marathons with in 3 days of each other, so does that count as a long run, not looking forward to this one, because the only hills & air is from the ships gym within  the last 28 days, total 120 mile so taking it easy tomorrow, never have ran to a program, just do my own thing. how about every one else do u run to a program ?

    thinking if this goes tits up, sorry about the pun, i will have to try harder for the edinbrough marathon, or find a program & stick to it, any for a nutter on a ship, u could recommend, sea, verse land. think u will shoot me down in flames with your burners if your under 3.15 eddie lol 3.30 would be nice for me, u can get the teas in because i drink it cold. i will get the cake because we will both need some cals after.

    any body know how many doing the silly one ? no not the 10k that sound like using the upper part of the body which means the brain ? would be nice to know if the golden mile will have a lot of colour, wrong time of year for flowers.

  • last time i checked the website there was only 191 entrants so could be a tad lonely out there at times , mental toughness needed as well as the physical side 


  • Well its up and down the same road pretty much by the look of it so we will be able to wave to each other on the return.  Hopefully a few more people will sign up though.

    I use the following training plan, though most have similar elements.

    fish-erman, thats got to be tough for training, on a ship.  Also treadmill isn't quite the same, something about not using your hamstrings as much or something, but what can you do I guess image  Good for you though.

    Eddie, Nice even splits there, looking good.


  • Last proper run on Saturday, 11miles supposedly at marathon pace but was a fair bit slower.  I had forgotten how restrictive the particular pair of running tights are and put it down to that!

    Have done something to my achillies, which has been an old injury, hopefully its nothing to serious, though I suspect its not good, going for a run today, (4 miles with some 3k work) and will see how it feels.  May have to cut down more than normal.  I have a horrible feeling I won't be able to walk come Monday!

    Going to start carbo-loading properly on Wednesday!

    Hope everyone else's preperation is going well.


  • now feeling like i am getting a bit of a cold so am going to have a couple of days of no running and hopefully it will disappear


  • Hi, I've entered this race as it it local and also my 3 rd and final marathon having run my 2nd three weeks ago at Loch Ness. I'm a plodder, but can run a half under 2 hours. However, my previous 2 marathons have been at the 5 hour mark. I a bit concerned as the field is only 200, I will get left behind!!! : 0 Anybody else running around the 5 hour mark???

  • Hi tiponeover - i'm exactly the same - sub 2 half and just sub 5 full - want some company? Am aiming to have this as the first full i've run the whole way, as usually walk/run the last 6 miles (albeit quicker than running - go figure!)

  • Its 3 laps, which appear to be along the same road/path from what I can see.  I suspect we will be sick of the sight of each other by the end image

    Can't imagine the fastest will be much quicker than 2:45 so you won't be that far behind.

    Checked out the weather, 12-15C and cloudy, a little warm but could be worse image Wind is 17mph ESE which is probably the worst direction but at least its not too strong.  Hopefully it will move round (it sais NW yesterday!)

    Achillies/calf pretty bad, so no running till the day, had some emergency physio and got some excercises to do, hopefully that will do the trick.

  • Hi Keith - what pace do you run at? You'd better rest up a bit to get those niggles clear by Sunday?

  • Keith, sympathies on the Achilles, my left one is grumbling too.   I'm hoping that new shoes and some self-massage will help.  I am also going to tape.

    I will be taking this one very gingerly, so will doubtless be around 4.30 to 5.00 mark too.  Perhaps someone should bring some travel Scrabble, so we can keep ourselves amused?image

  • Hi Ian - At the moment I would be happy to be able to run it.  If fit then 2:50 - 2:55.  But with not running this week it will be difficult to find the right pace.  Having done my first ever -ve splt last year (my 5th marathon) I really enjoyed it (not something I could say about the other ones)  so I will be aiming for the same this time, so will go of easy and see how I feel.

    Rosemary  - The physio is going to tape me on Thursday I think and I will do the same on Sunday I guess.  Its going to be touch and go if I make it to the start I reckon, its normally 4 or 5 days before I can run OK if I do something like this but I would normally only do 5 or 6 miles.  If it would just be painful I would run it, if its going to do some damage then I won't.  So annoying as the last 6-7 weeks of training had gone really well.

  • Yeuch, the weather forevast is getting worse, rain now and 20mph winds from the east image Don't mind the rain normally but it hurts my nips on a long run.

  • Hi Keith, you will have to remember the body glide for the nips! Shame about the weather, had a feeling all along it would be rough. Let's hope I'm proved wrong! Looking forward to it!
  • ALways use vas but it only lasts so long and soon dissapears if it wet.  The latest forecast is better, no rain and slightly less wind though still from the east.  Saturday looks perfrect for it, can we move it a day earlier image.

    Meteo Keith

  • Don't understand why people use stuff like bodyglide when spray-on plaster or even germolene new skin works so well. Not tried it though - is there an advantage to having a wet lube layer rather than a dry one?

    If it's going to be wet on Sunday then all my chafeable bits are going to coated in a layer of invincible teflon before I get out of the car!  image

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