Newport Marathon Off Road Race

any one doing this


  • I'm thinking about it but I've seen negative feedback on another forum which is a bit off putting.

    it would be good to hear from runners of past events to see what they think?

  • Subscriber-only content to access race information is stupid.

  • If its organised by the people who did last years newport marathon.........then i would stay well away.......just read the thread on here from last year.........runners going the wrong direction and it was over 2 miles short..........

    but i can't access this one as its subscibers it might be by a different organisation

  • just googled it and yes it is the same husband and wife team........they are not runners............and their calling an offroad marathon now............but as you see its runs through the centre of the city taking in a lot of don't think this is a run over the a city marathon that runs through the city and then along some canal paths........

    which is no doubt great if thats what you want.......but its not what i would call an offroad marathon.........thats if it is an actual marathon this year.........there is nothing on their website to say that they have addressed the problems of last year

  • think  i will give it a miss


  • Gosh, hasn't the year flown by, in the meantime more experienced race directors/runners/actual participants have spoken to me about this event. I'm not going to say anything that can be traced back to individuals but very little appears to have changed.

    In fairness I guess a lot comes down to expectations and if you don't have the expectations for example that a Marathon is a specified, exact, Jones Counter measured distance of 26.2 Miles then fair enough.

  • ....and cancelled according to their website.

    Hey ho, no loss by the sound of things image

  • The whole thing is a shame, but if you are new at anything or even if you have seen it all and done it all, you should never be above taking advice from people who know what they are talking about. That is what caused red flags right from the start, really experienced people from Les Croupiers, Fairwater Runners, Chepstow Harriers, Caerleon RC, Islwyn RC and Welsh Athletics all related things to me which were indicative of problems. Sadly some people think there is some kind of conspiracy from running clubs here, as usual with conspiracy theorists you couldn't be more wrong.

  • looks like it is back on......diabetes charity have taken over the organisating and running of this maybe they have someone on board to get a well organised event............they only have 35 entries at the moment for the full and they will be pushed to make it a proper event this year but hopefully will do a  good event so that we can add it to teh calender for next year

  • Hopefully they know how long a Marathon really is

  • Shame about that as a marathon down here in South Wales would be great.

  • Q When is a marathon not a marathon?

    A  When it's staged in Newport!

    After being a couple miles short last year they seemed to try to make amends by staging a 27.3M "marathon" this year. What was particularly galling was having your Garmin telling you that marathon distance had been complete whilst still running in the opposite direction from the finishing line. A good point was that the marshalls seemed up for it but the medal was a bit cheap and nasty.

    Never mind, maybe next year......

  • Looks like a "No" to my previous remark then . . .  . I am actually staggered at the persistence of people who turn up to an event that has a name and a telephone number as the sole information.

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