nimbus help ?

I've had the 11 with no problems and 12 we're very comfy but 13 I got loads of calf niggles so my questions. Has anyone had the same problems? has anyone got the new 14


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  • Nimbus seem to have lost their way for me. The 11's were fantastic, supple, well cushioned etc, felt the 13's were stiffer, narrower and less comfortable. Tried the 14's (the grey podium edition ones), but the fit seems to have changed again? The sole felt very soft (i.e. well cushioned), but lumpy in all the wrong places???  So tried a pair of DS trainers 17's which immediately fit like a glove, initial impressions after a few runs are they are less cushioned but more athletic than the Nimbus 13's. Asics themselves recommended if I didn't like the new Nimbus 14's I should try the Gel cumulus which is also a neutral cushioned shoe, just cheaper than Nimbus. But the DS fit so perfectly I stuck with them. No unsual aches pains or strains so far with the DS. Technically the DS is is a support shoe but I can't tell any difference to the neutral Nimbus.

  • I bought a pair of Gel Nimbus 14 last week to replace my Nimbus 13's.  Alarm bells started to ring in the shop when they seemed to be very firm under foot, but because I loved the 13's so much I bought them (£120). After a weeks running (50 miles) I am in agony. It is like running in clogs. I Want to burn the things, but can't bring myself to do it after spending all that money so I will keep them as walking / weekend shoes.

    I'm finished with Asics now. Going to try the the Kalenji KIPRUN LD neutral, I did have a pair of Kalenji's a few years back and they were ok, until I fell in love with the Nimbus 12 and 13.

    Asics are really taking the p*ss with Nimbus 14, it really is awful.

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