Time for new shoes?

I bought my running shoes back in August last year and although they've not done the requisite 500 miles before replacing time, the inside inner heel bit has rubbed away leaving holes in the lining which in turn is giving me blisters.

Worth buying a new pair or see if the heel skin toughens up? I am getting blisters on blisters at the moment.


  • 500 miles is only an average, and there are people out there who can get a lot more than that out of a pair. If yours have worn out before that point, it can be a bit annoying to spend cash on new ones, but probably still better to replace the old ones rather than damage your feet further.
    Might also be worth checking out different socks, to help with blister prevention. 

  • Ta Pethead - I recently bought a couple of pairs of Karrimor running specific socks, very comfy but think I may have to look at the socks too.

    About the only thing I'm glad the redundancy money is there for, I can buy a new pair of shoes, my only luxury!

  • This thread post just made me think of the Proclaimers! image sorry  . . .

  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    Mim, every pair of shoes I've bought has caused a blister on the left, inside of the heel cup. I just locate the spot on the shoe and cut a hole out exactly where the blister forms. Can't form a blister when there's nothing there to rub against. The shoe doesn't fall apart on account of the odd hole here and there either.

  • have you tried thousand mile socks? or layering two thin pairs?

  • Socks are a really individual thing. The ONLY socks that have ever given me blisters are 1000 mile ones (and I always get a whopping hole in them on the big toe in less than 50 miles).

  • 1000 mile socks!! Sounds interesting. I shall google.

  • My shoes rarely get beyond 250 miles, never mind 500!

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