Marathon Sunday - rest niggle or run?

Hi - also posted this in the injury section I am running??my first marathon on Sunday - a cross country in Cheltenham??(I know, mud!). I've got a couple of persistent niggles in a foot and hamstring - not injuries, but nagging things??- and was wondering if it was best to rest them now (Thursday), or fit in a short 5K. I last ran on Tuesday. My instinct is to rest them, as a couple of days off won't make any difference. I've stuck with my long runs, as per the guide - did 18 and 21. Any thoughts? Thanks Gavin


  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    I find I can nurse niggles through most distances up to 10 miles but beyond that the odds are stacked against. Marathons tend to cause damage, without starting with something amiss already. I wouldn't do a marathon unless completely niggle free.

  • Thanks, but they have been tolerable out to 20 miles, just wondering what would be most beneficial in readiness for the day, at this late stage.
  • Rest.  No question.  Any runnign you do now won't improve your time on the day at this point in proceedings so rest and eat carbs.  Enjoy image


  • cheers, as I posted on the other forum, its raining too - so backing away from the risk of a cold and an injury!

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