mortons neuroma

I have developed MN over the past few weeks and amongst other things I've been advised wide shoes. Does anyone have any idea if any of the major brands have wider fitting(or come naturally wider?


  • I think Brooks do a wider fitting. You will find that some brands are naturally wider than others, may be worth trying on a few pairs.

    Good luck

  • I had this many years ago - it did seem to be related to a certain pair of (Nike) trainers - Atthe time I read a book called the runners repair manual and it suggested using a metatarsal footpad under the ball of the foot - I did dump the Nikes but also got some footpads and the prblem never re-occured.

    Found a sort of confirmation if this which may have copied OK.

    Treatments for Morton's Neuroma starts out with the use of a Metatarsal foot pad which can be purchased over the counter in any drug store. The metatarsal foot pad will cushion the ball of the foot when walking and help alleviate the foot pain. If Metatarsal foot pads offer no relief, specially constructed shoe inserts for the relief of Morton's Neuroma may offer relief.

  • asics do the 2170's in a wider fit.......these are for those who overpronate quite a bit..not sure of the rest of their range.......

  • I found Terra Plana / Vivobarefoot "Neo" shoes helped (but only if you are fore/midfoot striker rather than a heel planter).

    There's also quite a few entries about Mortons Neuroma in the Kindle book "Running Desperado" as it happens. image

    I have also heard of people using a home made "orthotic", basically a bit of cushioning they strapped/tape to the underside of the foot pad.

    I hope that helps image

  • Thanks all currently trying a metatarsal pad-aong with toe spreaders-reverted to my Saucony shoes-the doc has given me codeine/paracetamol and referrred me.

  • Good luk, I found the metatarsal pads and a change of shoes did the trik - never ran in Nike again.

  • John, that is stramge re doctor prescribing paracetamol/codeine as with nerve pain (which as you know MN is), any painkillers will not touch it. Hopefully you'll get to see the consultant soon and get it sorted (- says she who had surgery for MN 10 weeks ago after the steroid injections stopped working). Good luck


  • got an appointment on the 20th fingers crossed-change of footwear seems to be improving matters.

  • I had similar a few years ago. Saw a Consultant Podiatrist - expensive but sorted it by building me a custom orthotic with a cut away section that accommodated the MN area. Gradually improved over about 2 months and now gone completely. I think the consultation and orthotic was about £120 in total.

  • Evening John,

    It depends on how the MN has occurred in the first place, and that it is actually a MN (there are other differential diagnoses dependent on your symptomology).  Wider footwear (several sources have been mentioned above) should alleviate the problem if it is purely due to lateral compression, allowing the irritated nerve to reduce in size over time.  If not, again as suggested above, a metatarsal dome (pad), situated in the midfoot, behind the met heads has been found to be beneficial as this allows for splaying of the joints, again reducing the pain.  But beware, some patients find that this increased pressure on the plantar surface can actually make their symptoms worse.  This is where I find that a cut out works better, but it depends on the patient and how mobile their forefoot is.  If not, you can always try a cortisone injection, but to confirm your diagnosis get them to give you a local anaesthetic first - if your symptoms go away, then you're spot on.

    Try that and see how you get on.

    Ablefeet image

  • John, how did the appointment go? Any answers/plans for you?

  • sorry about the delay-had an MRI scan Thursday and await the answer 2/3 weeks. The pain has eased considerably in the meantime by wearing wider shoes. Thanks for the help.

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