Advice on upgrading wheels

Recently I've been thinking of upgrading the wheels on my Trek 2.3 and wanted to ask which wheels would suit my needs for triathlon best. I think I'm looking for an all round wheel set but completly lost which way to go with them ( Reading to many reviews )

With out spending crazy money ( £1000 + ) what would be a good choice to upgarde to?






  • i would definately stick to an all round set - the hexagonal ones dont corner half as good 

  • popsiderpopsider ✭✭✭

    Really need to know the budget, what they are replacing and what you are going to use them for - then we can all recommend what we have ourselves.   

    Seriously a wheelset I've only heard good things about are these :

    Test as fairly aero for a shallow section wheel, a couple of mates have them and they rate them, one is an engineer geek type and he raves about the quality of the hubs, the bearing surfaces etc.   

    If they are too expensive then you are getting down to possibly not worth upgrading unless your current wheels aren't that good territory.   A slightly cheaper bombproof wheel is the Mavic Ksyrium Elite though - should be good for everyday use and racing - probably too nice to use all through Winter but you've got the current wheels for that.   

    No doubt there are other equally good options.

  • Hi popsider defenetly under the grand mark. I intend to use them for all round training and racing ive got the bontrager race which comes with the trek 2.3
  • I think Dusty has some of those DA wheels "for training"...

    PX Model Bs are always recommended...

  • Yeah, I have them, they were ace before, and now with the full ceramic bearings, they are epic, Fast handling, spin up well quick and go on FOREVER. Typically, down the big twisty hill in RP, I can easily gain on most of the other bikes without pedalling. Running on Schwalbe Ultremo tyres.

    Till it goes flat again and then I am toast! LOL! Fantastic value too.

    Old ones were Easton Tempest II 30mm semi aero and they were no slouch.

  • You could do worse than contact Mr Rose who I know has a pair in exchange for some hard earned cash  image

  • Just been listening to the "SMARTcast" podcast and they were raving about the American Classic wheels which come it at around £800 for the aluminium version I think they said. They damn funky too (these are their new carbon ones)


  • Anyone got or know anything about the Fulcrum Race zero, race 1, race 3 or the race 5

  • I just got a set of these, use them for everyday use as well as events.  I use an S80 on the rear and S60 on the front.

    They are about $1100 or 740 pounds.  

  • Anyone got thes wheels and would like to share your views on them Shimano Dura-Ace 7900 C24 CL Wheelset

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