Another IM question for those in the know...

If you were going to pick one of these and money wasn't an issue which would you do and why?:

IM Austria

IM Switzerland

IM Frankfurt

Challenge Roth

Challenge Barcelona


  • IM Frankfurt - because it was one of the best days of my life.

    Roth - because it's high up on my bucket list.

  • IM Austria its so stunningly beautiful, its fast

    Roth: Has to be done

  • Ironholgs - I just did regensburg as a result of reading your book - it was such an amazing day.  Got the bug now though and planning for next year image

  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭

    done IMA and IMCH and bike leg on relay at Roth

    very little to choose between A and CH - both lovely settings, great swims, superb bike legs, flat runs around the cities. A I would suggest is slightly easier bike course to CH.   Zurich is however easier to get to than Klagenfurt

    Roth is iconic but it has a split transition which can be a pain - the bike leg is very quick and has the Solarberg climb which is like a TdF climb with massive crowds cheering you on.  CH has something similar at Heartbreak Hill but not so crowded.

    Seen Frankfurt but not competed - and split transition again and a bigger risk of a non-wetsuit swim as the gravel pit gets very warm

    heard good things about Barca but not done it so no comment


    for me - it's a tough call between A and CH

  • IMA as i would like to get one fast time in before long as there was no chaqnce of a non wetsuit swimimage

  • Does anybody know how fast IMCH sells out? Want to enter for 2013 and it *appears* you can still register for 2012... does this mean there are spaces? I'm not going to go through the registration process just in case image

  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭

    IMCH is slow to sell out these days - I think that's because it has become relatively more expensive than other European IM due to the strength of the SFr


  • I'm thinking IM Austria.... do you reckon it'll open just after this year's race finishes or do they leave it a few weeks?

  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭

    IMA will open shortly after this one closes and you will need to be quick 'cos it sells out VERY quickly.


    from the website

    Online registration opens the night between July 2nd and 3rd midnight Central European Time. Registration will close as soon as the IRONMAN Austria 2013 is sold out.

  • Thanks for the tip FB, you rock.

    God, can't believe I'm about to do it again....

  • If you dont get in, come to lanza image
  • You know what? I daren't. I've done the bike leg before and it was awful, when its that windy, I get scared that i'm going to lose control of the bike....
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