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    If you type "car keys" into the search box at the top of this page, you will find this subject has been discussed countless times.

    It's not as if the forum is overrun with novel new questions about running. Assuming your tone is that you don't think the OP should have asked the question - why not just ignore the post? The thread title was clear image

    To the OP - the search engine on here is crap which is a shame as there's a lot of good content in the archives. If you are trying to search for something, go to Google and do something like this carry keys

    "Assuming your tone is that you don't think the OP should have asked the question" - er, you are criticising a tone you have assumed. You must be a woman?

    "If you type "car keys" into the search box at the top of this page, you will find this subject has been discussed countless times." is simply a statement. It doesn't have a tone. Any "tone" is in your head, not in the post.

    I don't think the OP shouldn't have asked the question, no. I simply pointed out it has already been answered before in various ways. If the OP doesn't find a solution here (e.g. sticking your keys up your anus may not be their cup of tea) then they could have recourse to the search engine to find other threads where alternative methods of storing/concealing/dealing with, car keys, have been offered, some of them not involving the rectum or any other body orifice.

    My present method is to attach them to an MP3 player round my neck. A risk of impalement through the sternum if I fall over, admittedly, but it's a calculated risk and one I am willing to run.

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    colin, even though its been discussed we still just like answering with silly and genuine there

    loulabell, see above.

  • I have three house keys and always hold them in my hand, always have done. Bit awkward now as the strap on my running watch is broken too I have to hold that in the other hand!

  • I normally keep my keys in the pocket of my jacket - this normally works well - up to Saturday past when I lost said keys when they must have fallen out of my pocket when I went to check my *gasp* ipod....image


  • I use a couple of methods.
    SIS marathon belt with the keys wrapped in kitchen roll.
    Put them in a small MP3 holder strapped to my arm.
    In a zipped pocket in my running tights.
    In winter in side a pair of running gloves.

    Alternatively I just hope that the family will let me back in the house when I get back from a run and leave the keys at home.

  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭

    Normally just hide the keys if I haven't got my MP3/phone bumbag with me, but if I have to take a key then in the small key pocket in my shorts, with the drawstring tied through the ring as belt and braces back up.

    For races I leave the house keys in the car, and have a hair band looped through a hole on the car-key fob. I wrap the car fob in clingfilm (especially if raining, so it still works at the end!) and then put this in the key pocket, with the drawstring tied through the hair band - also helps keep it out the way and stops it bouncing around.


  • I always take just the one key and tie it to the strings of my shorts and tuck it in! It never comes off or stabs me in the leg. 

  • I always wear shorts or training tights with either a zipped pocket or key pouch.  Unfortunately, the pouch in one pair of shorts that I wear for races is a bit on the small side and last year, in a race, put my house keys and car key in there.  One of my house keys pierced the central locking button on my car key, thus rendering it knackered.

  • Single key - largeish safety pin through the key then pinned to waistband of my shorts.

    Large or multiple keys - largeish safety pin through the keyring then pinned to the waistband of my shorts but on the inside (on the right hip usually). As I wear lycra shorts this stops them jangling about and they stay where they're put.

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